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Handles and Latches for your Laundry and Trash chute intake and discharge doors.

Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

Tubular Latch Set for Trash Chute Door

Inside the handle of a trash chute door is a tubular latch that helps ensure that the door opens when it should, and stays closed when it should.  The tubular latch is the slightly flattened or rounded hollow cylinder inside the complete door handle assembly. A quality tubular latch will have smooth and quiet operation, and will not require constant lubrication. It should also not have so much oil inside that it ends up leaking.

Tubular latches can be used in a number of types of handles, including T handles, Thumb Latch Triggers, and L handles which are commonly found on laundry and trash chute doors. The backset tubular latch is the one that is typically found in door handle assemblies.

A universal part is capable of working in a wide variety of manufacturer’s handles. Tubular latches are also the most common type used, and can be found in almost any door.  You can find them in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Just be sure to have the right measurements of the current part and have the brand of the current door handle/latch ready when you place your order so you can be assured of ordering the right part the first time, thereby avoiding the hassle of having to do a return and also keeping a key building component in full operation.

1 3/4″ Backset Tubular Latch Set Assembly is the standard latch for the majority of manufactured doors.  It will fit in Wilkinson Chutes Side Hinged T-Handles, L Handle (ADA), and Thumb Latch Trigger handles.

Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

For the rest of the manufacturers, this 1 3/4″ backset tubular latch assembly is suitable for both bottom and side hinged doors.  This is the most common latch and is suitable for about 90% of all handles.  (All Handles)

A tubular latch can be installed in any number of trash chute doors, including bottom hinged and side hinged doors.  When you receive your kit, you will usually find an inner and an outer part that fit together, with a spring that goes in the center.  The inner part contains the latch that goes into the door strike plate to close the door. When you turn the handle, the latch retracts and moves along the outer tube, and allows the door to open. The spring then returns the latch to its original position as soon as the handle is released.

Over the years, and with repeated heavy use, the existing latch in trash chute doors wears out.  A replacement backset tubular latch set is easy to install, takes a minimal amount of time, and will get the door and chute back in business. A new door can run several hundred dollars, but a new backset latch kit will run less than ten dollars, saving a lot of time in the process. Also, in high-rise buildings where having a trash chute is not just a nice convenience but really a necessity, replacing the latch is an invaluable time saver, getting the chute back up and helping the residents maintain health and safety.

In these tough economic times, building maintenance people and building managers are always looking for ways to save money.  Replacing the necessary chute parts is a great way to do this instead of tearing out and replacing the whole original unit.

Replacement handle solutions for your trash and laundry chute

The key to good linen or trash chute operation is good maintenance and sometimes replacement of any moving parts. One of the most common parts that can break and will need to be replaced is the chute handle. In the case of our popular T Handle, the chute handle gets the most work and often takes the most abuse. Since the v-spindle portion of the handle mechanism may still be good, you may not need to replace the whole component, but rather you would simply need to purchase a replacement handle. Here is how to tell which components you may need to replace based on inspection of the handle and spindle component.

First, you inspect the chute handle, make sure the key works properly, and that is turns the lock easily. You then inspect the handle itself for any dents or cracks and turn the handle to make sure it rotates the v-spindle from side to side properly. If the handle does not pass visual inspection, lock and unlock easily, or does not turn properly, you will definitely need a replacement handle. If the v-spindle looks in good condition and is free of any warping or severe chipping, you can purchase the T-Handle without the spindle, and save some money by using the spindle that currently on the handle that you have.  Since the components can be purchased as a whole or separately, you can easily get a keyed replacement handle and replace it using simply a screwdriver in 15-30 minutes of time. Make sure to follow any directions your replacement handle may come with to prevent voiding any associated warranty, as well as ensuring good working order of your linen or trash chute.

Below is the option to purchase the T-handle with or without the V spindle:

T Handle WITHOUT Spindle

T Handles No Spindle

This is the most popular T-handle we sell and is suitable for both a Bottom Hinged and Side Hinged chute intake door.  The T handle does NOT come with a spindle and is fitted with a “key alike” cylinder and 2 keys.





T Handle WITH Spindle

T Handle

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This is the most popular T-handle we sell and is suitable for both a Bottom Hinged and Side Hinged chute intake door.  The T handle has the popular v spindle and is fitted with a “key alike” cylinder and 2 keys.

chute handle

Chute Handle

In any home or business, having a trash or laundry chute is actually quite a luxury. Not only does it make disposing of these items much easier on you, having one of these items in the home is often a natural source of entertainment for bored children. Having said that, making sure you have a good chute handle is paramount above all else in maintaining good function of your trash or laundry chute as this is the one part that gets the most use (and often abuse) of any other chute part.

chute handleYou want your trash or laundry chute to work in smooth fashion for as long as it remains in your home or business. This means taking proper care to maintain all working parts of the chute, especially the handle. If for any reason, the handle seems to stick, shows signs of rust, or the handle turns but does not always open the chute, then the chute handle needs to be replaced. You have a variety of options when it comes down to this as there are many quality handles to choose from. You can go with either a locking handle with key or without. You can go with either the popular T-shaped or L-shaped handles as well. Be sure your chute handle contains quality parts and materials that will deter rust or corrosion and last a long time under daily use conditions. Make sure you follow directions carefully if you choose to install these parts yourself as incorrect installation may not only cause the handle to not work correctly but may also void any warranties the parts might have.

Owning and maintaining a trash or laundry chute is actually quite easy as long as you take care to make sure all parts are working correctly. Fixing or replacing worn or broken parts quickly ensures that your chute will work properly for as many years as possible.

Finding Top Quality Laundry and Trash Chute Handle Parts

Whether you have a commercial or residential building, having laundry and trash chutes are important tools that can help in improving the value of your space. They are vital to include into your living space as well to make it look pleasant enough and indeed functional. Nonetheless, if you have considered buying both laundry and trash chutes, you should make sure to do the research to fully understand what you are really going to purchase to make the most of your money.

Although laundry and trash chutes are very interesting, you should take into consideration how are you going to assemble and install it as well as making sure that what you are going to get is a top quality product that will serve for a long time. With the many laundry and trash chutes today you really need to pay attention to the specific size of the chutes and the materials they are made of. Accordingly, you should also take note of its different parts like the chute handle which you may need to replace in due time.

It is important to buy the best quality materials available, as this will reduce maintenance. Spending a little more in the short term will allow you to save more in the long run. We have a wide selection of trash and laundry chute parts for your living space. You can easily get replacement for the specific trash chute handle or laundry chute handle that you need from popular brands including US Chutes, Midland Chutes, Midland Metalcraft Chutes, Wester Chutes, Wilkinson Chutes Inc, Wilkinson Hi-Rise, and a lot more to choose from. You never have to look anywhere else if you need any chute parts because they are very much available on the internet. We guarantee full customer satisfaction as they are able to provide the most important information whenever they you need it.

Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

When selecting a latch for your trash chute door or laundry chute intake door, pay careful attention to the latch.  There are basically two types of latches as listed below:

1)    1 3/4″ Backset Tubular Latch Assembly is the standard latch for the majority of manufactured doors.  This 1 3/4″ Latch fits Wilkinson Chutes Side Hinged T-Handles, L Handle (ADA), and Thumb Latch Trigger handles.  For the rest of the manufacturers including Midland Chutes, this 1 3/4″ backset tubular latch assembly is suitable for both bottom hinged and side hinged doors.  This is the most common latch and is suitable for about 90% of all handles.

2)    1 11/16″ Backset Tubular Latch Assembly is typically only for a bottom hinged Wilkinson Chutes type doors including the T Handle, L Handle (ADA) or Thumb Larch Trigger.