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Chute Door Thumb Latch

Chute Door Thumb Latch

A chute door thumb latch is a great addition to any laundry or trash chute door to make it as easy as possible to open and close. These thumb latches or often called thumb triggers are more frequently used for Wilkinson Chutes style chute doors, so if you own a hotel, dormitory or other building that uses a chute for linen or garbage, it is worth your time and money to purchase these latches.

It is easy to install a chute door thumb latch onto your chute. Basic skills and tools are all you will need to be able to do so. The convenience of having a chute door thumb latch installed makes it worth the time it takes to install them. Your building’s tenants will be pleased that the chute door thumb latch you use on each of your chutes will allow them to easily and comfortably open and close any chute doors they  may need to use. These latches can even be used by people with small hands like children and are often used for people who are handicapped as they are considered ADA compliant by many.

When you purchase a chute door thumb latch you will be able to purchase the item in a convenient size. All “W” series latches can be replaced with any chute door thumb latch and many “R” series latches can be replaced with them also.

Thumb latches are comfortable to use, easy to install and very cost effective making them an excellent choice for anyone who owns a building where trash and laundry chutes are used every day. With so many people using these latches they have to be high quality latches that can withstand a great deal of use over a long period of time. These latches are a solid investment for building owners and providing them with one less issue to worry about.

Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for Side Hinged trash chute door.

chute door thumb latch

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This is a Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for both SIDE HINGED trash chute and laundry chute doors. This thumb latch is typically suitable for Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise intake doors.

More Wilkinson Chutes Parts can be found at this LINK.

Trash Chute Door Parts

Trash chutes make living in a multi-story building much easier and safer, by allowing people to clear out the trash from their apartment or condominium without having to navigate stairs at the same time.  The downside is that with heavy use, trash chutes can have parts wear out.  Never fear, however, because replacement trash chute door parts are available which save you money and reduce down time.

It is possible to buy several kinds of replacement parts, including closers, handles, latches, latch bolts, hinges, and fusible links. Closers come in gas and hydraulic styles, and help get the trash door close safely once you are done using it.  They typically come in 8” and 10” sizes, exclusive of the piston arm when measuring the cylinder alone.  The closers help a door self-close which is important for the door to retain its fire rating.  It keeps the door from being left open which can allow smoke and fire to come up the chute.

T Handle Spindle for but trash and laundry chute doors.

T Handle - Trash Chute Door Parts

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Other trash chute door parts include new handles which can be in a T or an L (ADA) configuration.  T handles are nice for people to be able to grip and turn to open the door.  L handles are great for people who have disabilities, because it is easier to move the handle without having to grip it.  Depending on the design, some can be keyed alike which makes it easier for maintenance staff and building supervisors to do what they need to do with checking the chutes’ operation.

Some trash chute door parts replace the hinges.  There are doors that open sideways while others open with the hinge at the bottom. Either design can be easily fixed with new hinges when the years take their toll. Being able to replace the hinges can get the trash chute back up and running very quickly, which can be a health and safety issue as well.

Some trash chute door parts include safety features like fusible links.  A fusible link helps keep a fire from shooting up the chute to the upper floors of the building.  The bottom door, called the discharge door, shuts when the heat from the fire melts the fusible link which had been keeping the door open.

10″ Hydraulic Closer trash chute door parts

Hydraulic Closer

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Another type of trash chute door parts is an odor suppressor.  They come in various scents, and can also be used to keep rats and mice at bay. This is important for health since rodents can carry all kinds of diseases.  Plus, it can be much more pleasant to have a fresh or fruit scent coming from the trash chute.

There is no need to replace an entire trash chute door, when the parts are easy to obtain and install. They can provide a lower cost solution for building managers to use to take care of maintenance issues. The other good part is that it can be a much faster solution to get a broken trash chute up and going.  Having a trash chute go down can cause frustration for tenants, so fixing it makes life so much better.

Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for SIDE HINGED Door

Latch trigger

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Trash Chute Slam Latch

A Trash Chute Slam Latch is a replacement latch that fits any Vertical Discharge Door. This replacement works for top hinged doors that need to have a latch on the bottom center position of the chute’s door or sometimes on each side of the door for larger doors. The Hopper discharge door keeps fire from traveling up the trash chute and prevents putting nearby people and objects in danger. These discharge doors are fire rated and are required to be checked once every year. They also have to be certified courtesy of a qualified and licensed inspector.

Action Chutes sells a Midland type or Wilkinson hopper discharge handles (make your selection below). This handle is used for a chute door outlet. The Midland hopper discharge handle can be used on both laundry chutes and trash chutes. These high quality handles should be purchased by any building owner so that they know they will have reliable handles that will last for a long time.

The trash chute slam latch weighs no more than two pounds, and they are easy to transport and easy to ship to customers. Making sure that the slam latch used on any trash chute is safe and reliable is a no brainer for those who purchase their latch’s from Action Chutes Inc.

These latches have a reputation among professionals as being the best latches that money can buy. They can be maintained easily but are not easily damaged or broken. A trash chute slam latch is the perfect addition to any chute used in a dormitory, hospital or hotel. It is important to purchase these slam latches even if they are not needed immediately. Having a supply of them to use when there is a problem with a trash chute is always a wise decision.

Discharge Trash chute slam latch


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This is a Hopper discharge handle for and outlet discharge chute door. This handle is made for both your trash chute and laundry chute discharge hopper and is typically suitable for Wilkinson Chutes type hopper door, and Midland Chutes doors.

chute handle

Maintaining your linen chute handle

Owning and maintaining your side or bottom hinged linen chute is actually quite easy as there are few moving parts to take note of. Of these parts, one you should be checking periodically is your linen chute handle. This main component is typically T shaped or L shaped depending on which handle you own. The difference between the two is merely cosmetic on the most part as both operate in typically the same fashion but L Handle or sometimes called a Lever handle is considered ADA compliant. Taking care to ensure proper working order of your laundry chute handle will give you piece of mind that your laundry chute will remain in good condition for many years.

Linen chute handle with v spindle and latch (complete kit)

Replacement of the linen chute handle and the accompanying latch are as easy as replacing any other door hardware and should only require a screwdriver.


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Upon inspection you should note that if your linen chute handle is keyed, you should make sure that the keyhole is free of any severe scratching or chipping that may cause the key to not work properly. You should then check the action of the handle itself. The chute handle should move freely when turned and not be either too rough nor feel like you are simply turning the handle without engaging the internal components. The latch should move when engaged and also be free of severe chipping or warping. If anything looks or feels out of order, the chute handle may simply need to be oiled or cleaned in order to maintain proper function. If there are worse issues, the handle will need to be replaced. While this may seem like a slightly intimidating task, it simply requires a screwdriver and good instructions and should take less than an hour for most individuals.

Although these items are often overlooked due to their simplicity, maintaining key components of your linen chute, including the linen chute parts will ensure good working order for many years. Since these components are used often and roughly in many cases; simply taking a moment every few months to check them will give you a heads up before things break.

Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

When selecting a latch for your trash chute door or laundry chute intake door, pay careful attention to the latch.  There are basically two types of latches as listed below:

1)    1 3/4″ Backset Tubular Latch Assembly is the standard latch for the majority of manufactured doors.  This 1 3/4″ Latch fits Wilkinson Chutes Side Hinged T-Handles, L Handle (ADA), and Thumb Latch Trigger handles.  For the rest of the manufacturers including Midland Chutes, this 1 3/4″ backset tubular latch assembly is suitable for both bottom hinged and side hinged doors.  This is the most common latch and is suitable for about 90% of all handles.

2)    1 11/16″ Backset Tubular Latch Assembly is typically only for a bottom hinged Wilkinson Chutes type doors including the T Handle, L Handle (ADA) or Thumb Larch Trigger.