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Chute Handle

In any home or business, having a trash or laundry chute is actually quite a luxury. Not only does it make disposing of these items much easier on you, having one of these items in the home is often a natural source of entertainment for bored children. Having said that, making sure you have a good chute handle is paramount above all else in maintaining good function of your trash or laundry chute as this is the one part that gets the most use (and often abuse) of any other chute part.

chute handleYou want your trash or laundry chute to work in smooth fashion for as long as it remains in your home or business. This means taking proper care to maintain all working parts of the chute, especially the handle. If for any reason, the handle seems to stick, shows signs of rust, or the handle turns but does not always open the chute, then the chute handle needs to be replaced. You have a variety of options when it comes down to this as there are many quality handles to choose from. You can go with either a locking handle with key or without. You can go with either the popular T-shaped or L-shaped handles as well. Be sure your chute handle contains quality parts and materials that will deter rust or corrosion and last a long time under daily use conditions. Make sure you follow directions carefully if you choose to install these parts yourself as incorrect installation may not only cause the handle to not work correctly but may also void any warranties the parts might have.

Owning and maintaining a trash or laundry chute is actually quite easy as long as you take care to make sure all parts are working correctly. Fixing or replacing worn or broken parts quickly ensures that your chute will work properly for as many years as possible.

Trash Chute Parts

Trash Chute Parts

T Handle Latch for trash and laundry chuteWith high rise apartments growing in parts of the city, the need for trash chutes are common which collects all the garbage of the huge building efficiently using large waste receptacles in the bottom. Since disposing trash off your homes paves way for a healthy environment, the trash chutes should be well maintained as faulty parts would disrupt the cleanliness of your apartment.

Keeping that in mind, we provide all the trash chute parts that would help you and your technician to fix the faulty chute system. Some of them are the following:

ADA lever handles – Suitable for both the bottom hinged and side hinged chute doors, this type of ADA handle is made of cast metal with a polished chrome finish which come along with a “key alike” cylinder and 2 functional keys.

T handles – We provide one of the best and most popular T – handles which suit both the bottom and side hinged chute doors. The bright chrome finish handles has the V spindle along with 2 keys.

Latch chute parts – We meet all the requirements in the latch accessories segments, which are said to trigger the closure and opening of the chute doors efficiently. The thumb latch triggers available with us would perfectly fit the Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise intake doors.

Gas and hydraulic closer – The closure of the chute doors is either made functional using gas closures or hydraulic ones depending on the size of the chute doors. Both the variants are available in 10 inches especially for bottom hinged doors. The gas closure also has a 17.2 inch provision which serves bigger chute doors.

Fusible link kit – Mainly present to prevent any spreading of fire from one level of the apartment to another, the trash chute parts like the fusible links are available as kits that comes with 2 hooks and the chain which melt at 165 degrees.

Having a wide range of trash chute parts and Laundry chute parts,  Chute Parts Online is one of the best places to purchase quality parts for your chute system.