Trash & Laundry chute fusible link fire dampers

Fusible Links for Trash and Laundry Chutes Discharge Doors

All our fusible links are made for 165 degrees temperature rise to melt in case of a fire, and for the sole purpose to act as a fire damper.  Below are a few variation of the fusible links we carry that work for both linen and garbage chute discharge doors, including Horizontal Discharge Doors and Hopper Laundry chute systems.  These fusible links cover all manufacturers in the chute industry including Midland Chutes, US Chutes, Wilkinson Chutes, and much more listed briefly in the right column of this web page.  Kindly call us if you have any questions at 845 225 4507.

Fusible Link 2 1/4″ long

Fusible Link 2 1/4

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This is a fusible link replaceable part for Wilkinson Chutes discharge doors and other manufacturers Type “A” and “H”. The purpose of all our fusible links is to prevent a fire from escaping up the chute to the higher floors.

Counter Balance Discharge Laundry Chute Fusible Link

Counter Balance Laundry Chute Fusible Link Hopper

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This is a Counter Balance Fusible Link & chain kit for a laundry chute discharge hopper door. Suitable for Wilkinson chutes, Midland Chutes and other manufacturers.

Fusible Link Kit

Fusible Link

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This is a laundry chute fusible link kit for for both linen and trash discharge doors, and it comes with a “S” hook and chain.

Fusible Link

Fusible Link

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This is a fusible link alone for a discharge door solution.  This product meets NFPA requirements.

Pendant Wire for Fusible Link

pendent wire fusible link wilkinson chutes hrd discharge door

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A Pendant wire is for a fusible link and is designed to work for a Type “A” HRD (Horizontal Rolling Discharge Door) Wilkinson Chutes Replacement “W” Series discharge door.  The pendant wire comes with a speed nut and with the fusible link holds the HRD from closing.