Hydraulic and Gas closers

Hydraulic and Gas shock spring closer replacement parts for your trash chute or laundry chute. Our hydraulic and gas closures are compatible with most garbage chute doors, and linen chute door manufacturers. You can find a brief list of manufacturers in the column to the right, and view below all our hydraulic and gas closers for your intake doors. We have a variety of extended and retracted hydraulic and gas cylinder closers for your side hinged and bottom hinged intake doors.

10″ Gas Closer (10″ cylinder and 17″ when extended)

Gas Shock Spring Closer

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This 10″ Extended Chute Closer is for a Bottom Hinged Chute Door. 17.2″ long when Extended and 10.2″ when Compressed. Ball Socket End Fittings with Spring Clip. Standard Compression Gas Spring or sometimes called Hydraulic closer. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


10″ Hydraulic trash chute closer

10 Hydraulic trash chute closer

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This 10″ Hydraulic trash chute closer is most often for a Bottom Hinged and sometimes Side Hinged chute intake door. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.




8″ Retracted Hydraulic Closer – Bottom & Side Hinged Doors

8" Retracted Hydraulic Closer - Bottom Hinged

This 8″ Retracted Hydraulic closer is for a both Bottom & Side Hinged chute intake doors. This closer will fit the following size doors 12 x 15, 14 x 17, ,15 x 15, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.




8″ Retracted Closer Kit for – Side Hinged

8 inch closer - Side Hinged-Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise

This 8″ Hydraulic retracted closer kit includes  Closure w/ (2) Clevis (1) Butterfly Bracket & Rocker Arm.  Suitable for  Side Hinged Chute Intake Doors. Will fit both Trash Chute Doors and Laundry Chute Doors. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 15, 18 x 18, 21 x 21 and 24 x 24, and will be suitable for a variety of manufactures but most commonly for Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise.

10″ Extended Hydraulic Closure

10 extended closer

This is a Hydraulic 10″ Extended closer kit. Often used for bottom hinged chute intake doors, but can also fit  side hinged doors. The shaft length measures 10″ , and 1″ wide in diameter.  The silver thin rod measures 5/16″ in width.   From one end to the other end a total of 17-6/16″ when fully extended.



8 Inch Extended Hydraulic Pump

8 Inch Extended Hydraulic Chute Door Closer

This is an Extended Hydraulic Pump that measures 8″ long on the fat part.  When fully extended, it measures 12-13/16″. It is used by many manufactured doors, but more commonly US Chutes (ID-06E).




Rotary – Roto Closer Kit – Side Hinged

Roto Closer

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This is a Roto Closer Kit that is made for a Side Hinged chute intake door. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 15, 18 x 18, 21 x 21 and 24 x 24.





6″ Retracted Hydraulic Chute Closer

6 Inch hydraulic retracted Closer for Wilkinson Chutes Intake Door

This 6 inch hydraulic closer is commonly used for a Wilkinson Hi-Rise Chutes 12″ x 15″ bottom hinged door.  The closer hardware is shown in the picture including one Tinnerman Nut and one Rivet.





Spring Closer For Discharge Door

spring closer discharge hrd door

This is a spring that is suitable for a Horizontal Rolling Discharge Door (HRD).  They come in a set of 2 and measure 7 inches long in total, and  5″ of the coil only.  The width 1″ wide.




10mm Ball Stud Bracket for Gas Spring

10mm ball stud bracket mount for gas spiring closer

This is a 10mm ball stud bracket mount kit that is compatible with a trash or  laundry chute intake door, and suitable for 10 or 8 inch extended gas spring closers or any type of ball stud fitting closer.  The flat mount kit bracket comes with 3 mounting holes and screws to fit as indicated in the photo.


8 Inch Extension Spring

8 inch tension extension spring

This 8 ” extension spring is often called a tension spring that is often used on Bottom Hinged Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise intake doors.  It measures 9 ” from one end to the other end, and 8″ from one end of the coil to the other end of the coil.  The width of the spring is 1/2″ wide.