Trash Chute Discharge Door

Our STANDARD Trash Chute Discharge Door solutions come in different sizes, and if a custom solution is needed, please contact us for assistance.  Our Horizontal Chute Discharge Doors (HRD) are spring loaded and have the following specs (Prices below):

  • HRD DiagramType D-HS
  • Spring loaded
  • Insulated Class “B” label construction (but does not bear a label)
  • Door panel is made of Aluminized Steel
  • Wheel rollers
  • Fusible link kit (melts at 165º F degree – UL listed) self closing in the event of a fire.

One steel rolling horizontal discharge door is recommended at the bottom of each trash system.  The door is of “B” label construction (but does not bear a label), and is equipped with wheel rollers and fusible link.  This allows the door to shut on its own if exposed to excessive heat.  Commonly used on trash chutes, and is spring loaded for positive closing action.  Mounts horizontally or inclined equipped with wheels to roll shut in the event the fusible link is melted.

Dicharge Door Horizontal Rolling

Discharge doors must be held open at all times for if they were closed, they could create a blockage and storage of materials in the chute.  Any backup of materials could also cause damage to the chutes and also create a fire and smoke hazard as well.

Beyond their mundane, garbage or trash related functionality, your horizontal rolling discharge system will provide a significant Life Safety function during a fire emergency in a high rise building or residential occupancy, like Hotels, Hospitals, Condominiums, Nursing Homes, and Apartment buildings where people sleep.

In a Life Safety context, your chute deserves the same careful consideration and responsibility and having a chute, fortunately is not expensive, but can be millions of dollars in preventable fire damage and possibly loss of life.

 This trash chute discharge door is made to stop fires from traveling up the chute into the upper parts of the building.  Our discharge doors comply with regulatory building codes.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This product requires a Freight cost, so kindly call us for an accurate Freight shipping cost.  Because of the size of this door we can not ship UPS Ground as indicated in your current checkout cart.  Kindly also note that the Lead time on this product is 3 weeks.

Trash Chute Discharge Door


Horizontal Rolling Trash Chute Discharge Door Pricing:

18″ (30 lbs.) $490 + Shipping Freight (Call for shipping cost)
20″ (40 lbs.) $470 + Shipping Freight (Call for shipping cost)
24″ (50 lbs.) $450 + Shipping Freight (Call for shipping cost)
28″ (60 lbs.) $470 + Shipping Freight (Call for shipping cost)
30″ (75 lbs.) $500 + Shipping Freight (Call for shipping cost)
36″ (100 lbs.) $600 + Shipping Freight (Call for shipping cost)