Thief climbs through Garbage Chute to steal $600 worth of tools

We found this hard to believe, but the length some people take to get a few bucks.  This guy in the Bronx literally climbed through a trash chute to steal $600 worth of tools.  The kicker is that he climber through the same chute to get out.  I read the news at the Daily News in New York and I have provided the link below for your reading, where you will find a picture of the thief as well:

Sprinkler system puts out garbage chute fire in high rise building

Here is a link to a news story of a fire that broke out in a garbage chute and before the fire department arrived at the scene, it was the built in sprinkler system that put out the fire.

This is another example of how important it is to have a sprinkler system in you trash and laundry chute.


Fire Sprinkler for your chute system

Fire Sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler for Chute Intake



Garbage Chute Music

I know the title sounds weird, but I had to share this because it is very fitting.  A song for the garbage chute industry!  Yes, I found it hard to believe, but have a LISTEN.

Now the interesting thing about this song is that it sounds like they are playing the drums on a chute intake.  Clangs and bangs, just like the trash falling down a chute.  Yes it’s that bad when you garbage gets dropped into a chute.  Now there is a rhythm to the garbage being thrown down a chute.  Who would have known?????

Having some fun, and I hope you got a good laugh also.

Here is a direct link to the bank song

How NOT to do it. Tossing Garbage without a Debris Chute.

I was reading this article, and I was shocked that they were tossing garbage from a top floor building without a debris chute.  You can go and read about it at this LINK.

You can also see a video of the garbage tossing on a video.  Place good attention to the cars that are passing by as the trash and debris are being tossed from the top floor.  Towards the end of the video you will see a person on the same side of the sidewalk very close to the trash bin as the trash is falling.   There is a car next to the dumpster also, but the amazing thing is that the side walk with people near by is right there.

Our industry makes every effort to keep it safe for everybody, and it seems that this situation is under a series violation.

visual of building

Fire Sprinkler

Small fire set off sprinklers on multiple floors and fire sprinklers come to the rescue.

The recent news of a fire breaking out in a garbage chute in a hi rise apartment building made a bigger splash in our industry when the fire sprinklers in the intake chute worked properly, and did there job perfectly.   Here is the link to the news article:

Make sure that your trash or linen chute is equipped with a sprinkler.  We install them in every chute job for added safety.

Fire Sprinklers for Chute Intake Sections

Fire Sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler for Chute Intake



Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

Tubular Latch Set for Trash Chute Door

Inside the handle of a trash chute door is a tubular latch that helps ensure that the door opens when it should, and stays closed when it should.  The tubular latch is the slightly flattened or rounded hollow cylinder inside the complete door handle assembly. A quality tubular latch will have smooth and quiet operation, and will not require constant lubrication. It should also not have so much oil inside that it ends up leaking.

Tubular latches can be used in a number of types of handles, including T handles, Thumb Latch Triggers, and L handles which are commonly found on laundry and trash chute doors. The backset tubular latch is the one that is typically found in door handle assemblies.

A universal part is capable of working in a wide variety of manufacturer’s handles. Tubular latches are also the most common type used, and can be found in almost any door.  You can find them in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Just be sure to have the right measurements of the current part and have the brand of the current door handle/latch ready when you place your order so you can be assured of ordering the right part the first time, thereby avoiding the hassle of having to do a return and also keeping a key building component in full operation.

1 3/4″ Backset Tubular Latch Set Assembly is the standard latch for the majority of manufactured doors.  It will fit in Wilkinson Chutes Side Hinged T-Handles, L Handle (ADA), and Thumb Latch Trigger handles.

Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

For the rest of the manufacturers, this 1 3/4″ backset tubular latch assembly is suitable for both bottom and side hinged doors.  This is the most common latch and is suitable for about 90% of all handles.  (All Handles)

A tubular latch can be installed in any number of trash chute doors, including bottom hinged and side hinged doors.  When you receive your kit, you will usually find an inner and an outer part that fit together, with a spring that goes in the center.  The inner part contains the latch that goes into the door strike plate to close the door. When you turn the handle, the latch retracts and moves along the outer tube, and allows the door to open. The spring then returns the latch to its original position as soon as the handle is released.

Over the years, and with repeated heavy use, the existing latch in trash chute doors wears out.  A replacement backset tubular latch set is easy to install, takes a minimal amount of time, and will get the door and chute back in business. A new door can run several hundred dollars, but a new backset latch kit will run less than ten dollars, saving a lot of time in the process. Also, in high-rise buildings where having a trash chute is not just a nice convenience but really a necessity, replacing the latch is an invaluable time saver, getting the chute back up and helping the residents maintain health and safety.

In these tough economic times, building maintenance people and building managers are always looking for ways to save money.  Replacing the necessary chute parts is a great way to do this instead of tearing out and replacing the whole original unit.

8 Inch Retracted Hydraulic for Side Hinged Chute Intake Door

8 Inch Hydraulic Retracted Closer Kit with Arm

If you have a side-hinged trash or laundry chute and the door needs a new closer, you may want to consider using an 8 ” hydraulic retracted closer kit with arm.  The hydraulics will provide automation of the closing action, and the retracted arm means it will take up less space which is why it is perfect for a side-hinged door.

8″ Hydraulic Retracted Closer Kit For A Side Hinged Door

8 Inch Retracted Hydraulic for Side Hinged Chute Intake Door

When you purchase the full kit, you get the hydraulic assembly, the arm which has a pivot point midway through the part, all the necessary mounting brackets for your installation. It can be used on doors that have hinges on either the left or the right side of the door. The pivot point means the arm takes up only half of the space that a stiff arm does. Typically the pivot point is located in the center of the arm so it folds in half on itself.

You can use it on a variety of doors that range in size from 12” x 15” up to 24” x 24”.  One of the nice things about replacement parts is that they are often universal and will be a perfect fit for a number of manufacturers.  An 8 inch hydraulic closer with arm is ideal for smaller, or light weight doors, and also for the heavier doors up to a 24″ x 24″.

Hydraulic closers can also be used to update existing hardware to make doors easier to use. Imagine how much tenants will appreciate being able to use the chute in their building and have the door automatically close when they are done.   This is preferable in senior homes and handicapped facilities.

If you are looking to update your house and add a trash or laundry chute on the upper floors where the bedrooms are so that laundry can get to the basement more safely and easily, consider adding the 8 inch hydraulic retracted closer kit to your door.  It will make it easier for children to operate, too.  As any parent knows, it can be difficult to get children to clean their rooms, but when you have a laundry chute, chore day can be turned into fun day.  If the door closes automatically, you then have some entertainment also, because what child would not love to watch a door close without any hands touching it?

No matter how careful residents are, and no matter how lovingly the chute is maintained, the closing mechanism does wear out from time to time.  A hydraulic closer is easy to purchase and easy to install on the door. The parts are much less expensive than replacing the entire door. Budget-minded building owners will appreciate the price of the closer, and maintenance workers will appreciate how simple it is to use.


How to remove a scratch from my chute intake door

We just had a customer send us a photo of his chute intake door that he received from us.  Take a look at the scratch that was on it from the shipment and delivery.  The shipping company can be a little rough with the deliveries, so you ask what is solution to this dilemma?  A “Scotch Brite Pad” can be used to buff the scratch off your laundry or trash chute door.  You can find these handy little pads in most hardware stores or at your local super market.

Rotary Chute Door Closer 180 deg Cast Aluminum Body

Rotary Closer for Linen and Trash Chutes

A rotary closer, or roto closer, is another way to update or repair a closing mechanism for a linen or a trash chute door.  It is designed to work on a side hinged door, and can fit doors with sizes ranging from 15 x 15 to 24 x 24. Most roto closer units are fully reversible, so it does not matter whether the door opens to the left or to the right.

Rotary Closer Kit for side hinged chute doors.

Rotary Chute Door Closer 180 deg Cast Aluminum Body

$70.00Add to cart

It has a hydraulic center cylinder and a pivot arm extending out that doubles back in the center.  A full kit will come with the unit, including the arm and all bolts needed to mount it.  If the currently installed chute does not have one of these types of closers, be sure to check the website you are shopping on for details on finding the right one to fit your brand of chute.

The benefit of a rotary closer is that it is very effective at controlling the speed at which the door closes.  It can handle up to a 35 pound door, but above that, you should look at one of the other types of hydraulic closers that is more heavy duty and can therefore support the weight better.

A roto closer’s compact size makes it ideal for smaller chutes.  High traffic or larger ones should be updated with the heavy duty closers mentioned above.

An automatic closer is a great idea for high-rise residential units in which seniors or the disabled live, because it makes the task of taking out the trash so much simpler.  The resident does not have to worry about trying to close the door once the trash is down the chute, since the roto closer does the work for them.

A roto closer would not be recommended for the bottom door of a chute because of its design, since it would be trying to work against gravity.  It looks and works much like doors in office buildings, but it can be effective at the top of the chute in keeping it closed so no odors, pests, or fires come up the chute to the upper floors.  Stopping a fire in this way buys the local fire department valuable time in getting to the building and putting out the fire in the basement.

Multi-story hotels can benefit from such a closer as well.  The cleaning staff just has to get the sheets and towels over to the door, drop them into the chute for the laundry room below, and then let the door do the rest.  It may not seem like much, but when there are hundreds of rooms to clean, a little time saved each trip can really add up.

Roto closers’ compact designs are also a great addition for a home linen or trash chute.  The rotating arm and upright cylinder design provide convenience and durability, no matter how many times the kids open the door, and the size is aesthetically pleasing for homeowners who want to do such an upgrade.  Instructions come with this kit.

10 inch retracted hydraulic closer

Ten Inch Retracted Hydraulic Closer for Chute Doors

When you need to upgrade or repair the closing mechanism on your laundry or trash chute door, consider a ten inch retracted hydraulic closer.  They typically are installed on bottom hinged doors, but sometimes can be used on side hinged chute doors as well.  They are often mounted at the bottom frame of the door and the door pin fitting at the top.  This is typical of a Wilkinson Chutes manufactured door.  But there are other manufacturers that use the same 10″ hydraulic closure to mount from the top to the bottom and sometimes from the top of the frame to the side top of the door.

10″ Retracted Hydraulic Closer

Hydraulic Closer

$37.00Add to cart

This ten inch retracted Hydraulic closer is most often used for Bottom Hinged chute doors and sometimes Side Hinged chute intake doors. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


Their small size is ideal for even narrow spaces, since they are usually only 1” in external diameter.  Hydraulic closers ensure smooth and efficient closing of the door once the linen or garbage are thrown away, and the door is released.

Included in the kit is the closer itself, a 1/8 speed nut and 1/8 x 1″ round head steel rivet, a closure clevis, and a split rivet.  These closers are easy to install by maintenance workers, since all of the necessary parts are included in the kit.  Replacing old, dirty closures with a brand new hydraulic closer can feel like a real upgrade. No longer do residents have to try to close the door after dropping down a bag of garbage, so the exterior of the door stays more sanitary, too. The new closer will be durable as well to ensure the constant opening and closing of the door.

Be sure to check the brand of chute you have, to be sure you get the right closer for your needs. You will also want to get the measurements of the door itself, and know what material it is made of, so you have the right size and capacity, as the closer will fit most of different sizes of doors, but as a rule of thumb, the closer will not fit in the small doors that measure 12×15.

Retracted hydraulic closers can also be used in houses where homeowners want to upgrade and gain the convenience of a laundry or trash chute for an upper floor.  It is easy to install a chute in an existing building, since the space for the chute does not have to be very deep.  A hydraulic closer just adds that final touch of handiness.

For high-rise buildings, chutes can be a necessary component of living on the upper floors.  Sanitation requires regular emptying of trash, and when the chute is down and inoperable, getting the chute back in operation is a priority, and, fortunately, easy to do very often by just replacing the hydraulic closer.

Hydraulic closers have the added benefit of providing health and safety to high-rise residents by keeping out rodents, insects, odors, and fires. No one wants to have critters or smells greet them in a place of business or a home.

17” Chute Closer for Trash and Laundry Chutes

In high-rise buildings, there are commonly found trash and laundry chutes.  They make life so much easier instead of having to take a heavy and/or smelly bag of things downstairs.  From time to time they do need maintenance, however.  And a common part that breaks down that needs replacement is the closer in your trash or laundry chute door.

There are a number of ways to fix broken or missing chute closer.  One is to install a new 17” chute closer.  This is ideal for larger doors ranging in size from 14” X 17” to 24” X 24”.  It is more heavy duty and can handle heavier doors, such as those made from steel.  A 17” closer will work for either side or bottom hinged chute doors.   Its size is based on how long it is when it is fully extended.  When closed, it measures just over 10”.

 17″ Chute Closer (gas)

17" chute closer

$28.00Add to cart

This 10″ Extended Chute Closer is for a Bottom Hinged Chute Door. 17.2″ long when Extended and 10.2″ when Compressed. Ball Socket End Fittings with Spring Clip. Standard Compression Gas Spring or sometimes called Hydraulic closer. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.



Side hinged doors often are used for laundry, since laundry is frequently put into a bag first, or large sheets are bundled up.  Having a 17” chute closer means all you have to do is let go of the handle on your door and the door will self close automatically.  give the door a tap when you are done and the door will close for you.  The length of the closer means the door can open wide for easy access until it is time to close.

A 17” chute closer operates on gas.  Gas openers are also called gas or hydraulic springs, since there is a gas inside the piston cylinder which gives a smooth opening performance.  This means those residents who might otherwise have difficulty working the door will find it much easier and even those who do not will appreciate having a little help when dealing with dirty laundry or the week’s trash.

17” chute closers are manufactured for many brands like Midland Metalcraft, American Chute Systems, Century Chutes, Wilkinson, Acme Chutes, and American Chute Systems, so for the most part, regardless of what brand of chute a building has installed, the part will be available.  Maintenance workers can shop with confidence and find what they need to get their residents taken care of.

Chute closers are often important to keep down sounds, odors, fires, or vermin.  17” chute closers provide style, comfort, and performance, all for an affordable price.

Chute Door Hardware

Chute door hardware comes in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and sizes.   They can be installed on laundry chutes or on trash chutes. They can be used to update an existChute Door Thumb Latching building or complete a newly constructed building.   Chute hardware can also be used to replace damaged, malfunctioning, or missing parts.  Please feel free to use our navigation links above to view all the hardware we have available.

Replacement parts are often universal, so you do not have to worry about the brand of door you have.   The specs on the website will let you know what brand or brands they fit.  Be sure to have your measurements ready when you go searching for parts.01

Buying chute door hardware is a cost-effective way to fix a door instead of replacing the entire door.  This can be valuable when looking for inexpensive ways to stretch a maintenance budget, and in this economy, the longer a dollar can go, the better.

There are many types of chute door parts that can be replaced, including closers, handles, hinges, fusible links, and latches.

Handles come in T and L designs.  L handles are great for trash chutes when your hands are full of the week’s garbage and you need to open the door.  A carefully placed elbow or side of the hand and the door iHydraulic Closer

s open.  A gentle tug and the door is open.  Soon, the items in your hand are down and away.  These door handles can be locked, too, if you need them to lock, and they can be keyed alike to make it easier for building maintenance workers.

Closers make it so much easier to close the door and keep it that way. Hydraulic or gas closers can be installed on either side or bottom hinged doors.  When you are done using the chute, just give the door a nudge and the hydraulic piston will take over and close the do


or for you.

Closers can be installed in the chute door to help make the doors self-closing.  These are fine for use in lightweight  and heavy doors and in areas with traffic.

Hinges are essential to be able to open the door, and over time they wear out, so they do need to be replaced.  Fortunately this is quite easy to do. They can run the full length of the door which will give stability and durability to the operation of the door. 10

Fusible links are important safety features used in conjunction with closing mechanisms on the discharge door.  They are designed to melt at 165 degrees, and when they do, they trigger the

closer on the door so it will close and trap the fire in the basement, keeping it from spreading.

Latches can be placed on the upper doors of trash and laundry chutes to lock them so maintenance and cleaning can be done, or if a bin is full, they can be used to keep anyone else from dropping their items down and overfilling the lower bin.

Chute door hardware is available is used at home, in a multi-story apartment building, or in a hotels, and other locations.

Update Your Building with a New Trash Chute Spring

Laundry and Trash chutes can make life so much easier when you live in a high-rise apartment building or a multi-story house, letting you drop your garbage or linen down the chute to the basement without having to lug a heavy basket or trash bag downstairs.  It can also be much safer, since you do not have to try to look around the clothes to see the steps, risking losing your footing in the process.

One thing to consider with your chute door is the spring on your intake doors.  For intake doors it is a little different because the spring is used to keep your door closed, and to self close.  This is important so you do not have to try to close the door again once the clothes or trash are dropped down, thus keeping odors, pests, drafts, and fires from climbing up the chute.  This protects the health and safety of the residents.

A laundry or trash chute spring comes in two types – gas or hydraulic.  Physical springs work by gravity, versus springs that operate by hydraulics or gas, and often come in lengths ranging from 15” to 20”.  On the upper floors, the chute door that needs to be pulled open and then would then retract by a spring when the laundry has been dropped, thus keeping the top of the chute closed.  Below is an example of a Gas closer that is a pin type or sometimes call ball stud type:

10″ Trash Chute Spring

Trash chute spring

$28.00Add to cart

This 10″ Extended Gas Chute Closer is for a Bottom Hinged Chute Door. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.



The safety factor of having a laundry or trash chute spring cannot be underestimated.  With the doors open, a fire in the basement would shoot straight up to the upper floors via the chute, carried along by the draft created by the temperature differences between the floors.  When the doors can automatically close and be kept closed, this risk is greatly reduced. Fire safety regulations exist in every state and many localities.  These chute springs thus play a huge part in the overall safety of the building and helping the owners stay in compliance with fire safety rules.  Below is an example of the two types of hydraulic retracted closers:

10″ Hydraulic trash chute closer

10 Hydraulic trash chute closer

$37.00Add to cart

This 10″ Hydraulic trash chute spring is most often for a Bottom Hinged and sometimes Side Hinged chute intake door. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


8″ Retracted Hydraulic Chute Door Closer – Side  & Bottom Hinged

8" Retracted Hydraulic Closer - Side Hinged

This 8″ Retracted Hydraulic closer is for both Bottom and  Side Hinged chute intake doors. This closer will fit the following size doors 12 x 15, 14 x 17, 15 x 15, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


Building maintenance workers can save a lot of money for the building owners and managers by just replacing the parts that need to be replaced, instead of the entire door.  Laundry chute springs should be inspected periodically to be sure they are not wearing out or stretching too far so that they permanently stretch out. When they do need to be replaced, they are readily available and do not cost much, so they can quickly be installed and get the residents back to normal.

8 Inch Retracted Closer for Trash or Laundry Chute

Trash Chutes and laundry chutes are frequently found in high-rise buildings, and from time to time, they will need to have some maintenance done.  One thing that happens from time to time is the closing mechanisms will need to be replaced either due to wear and tear or damage.  One item you can choose to solve this problem is a retracted shaft closer.  You can buy retracted closers in several sizes, and for several door styles, including side hinged and bottom hinged doors.

8 Inch Retracted Hydraulic Chute Door Closer

8 Inch Retracted Hydraulic Closer

This 8″ Retracted Hydraulic closer is for both Bottom Hinged and  Side Hinged chute intake door. This closer will fit the following size doors 12 x 15, 14 x 17, 15 x 15, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.



A retracted closer for a side hinged door can fit a variety of sizes of doors as well, ranging from 12” X 15” to 24” X 24”.  The closer itself weighs just about a pound and cylinder is about 1” in diameter.  It can be configured to fit either left or right hinged doors.   The closer comes in a kit and comes with a mounting bracket.  Since it is small and light it will be quick and easy to install. Its size means it stays out of the way of the door operation.

Bottom hinged doors open to allow the laundry or trash to be dropped in over the top of the door, so they are almost totally gravity operated.  An automatic closer is nice so that you do not have to try to close the door when you are done.  Just drop in the trash or laundry, and release the handle, and the hydraulics take over and will close the door.

An 8 inch retracted closer is ideal for smaller doors that will not bear much weight. If the door is larger or will be bearing more weight, look into getting a larger closer like a 10″ closer.  You may also want to consider a larger closer for doors that will be receiving a lot of use, since the gas piston design inside is more heavy duty.  For a home laundry or trash chute, however, an 8” closer is ideal because of its size and weight.  It is also easy to install, with the necessary parts included in the kit.

8” Retracted Closer for Trash or Laundry Chutes are especially used in high-rise buildings. These trash or laundry chutes  are also specialized in recycling waste products/materials. They also offer corollary services like chute cleaning, compactor servicing, and odor control.

8” retracted closers are great inexpensive options for maintenance workers to use when they need to get a vital part of a high-rise building, back in business.  Residents depend on being able to take their trash out on a regular basis.

8” retracted laundry chute closers are also handy for anyone looking to add a chute to their home.  Laundry chutes add a handy feature to multi-story homes and a convenience for large families, so the person in charge of laundry does not have to drag a heavy basket down several flights of stairs.  The chute makes sure the laundry is there when laundry time rolls around.

Click Here to find Your Trash Chute Part or Hardware…

chute handle

Midland Chutes Handles Add Style and Function to Linen and Trash Chutes

Midland Chutes is a company that has been around for nearly 40 years. They are based in Illinois and began operations in 1976 as Midland Metalcraft Company making trash and linen chutes for high-rise buildings, including many famous hotels in Las Vegas and at Petco Field in San Diego.   They are the largest manufacturer of chutes in the United States based on size of the physical plant, and all of their products are made in the US.

A Midland Chutes handle can come in a few different styles. A T-style handle looks like a T when viewed from the side.  These handles come with the exterior handle, the spindle,  and two keys,  for installation.  It mounts to the front of the door on either the left or right side for side-opening doors, or on the top for a bottom-hinged door. The handles typically come with an attractive chrome finish like which can add a bright touch of style to the door.  Linen and trash chutes are designed to be functional, but no one really considers their aesthetics, usually.  A T handle is great for being able to get a solid grip on the handle and turn it to open the door, making it ideal for trash chutes.

T Handle Kit

$39.00Add to cart

This is a T-handle kit and is suitable for both a Bottom Hinged and Side Hinged chute intake door. The T handle has the popular v spindle and comes with a latch. It is fitted with a “key alike” cylinder and 2 keys.

There are also Midland Chutes handles designed in an L shape.  This is ideal for people with disabilities or the elderly who might have arthritis issues.  It can be turned without having to grip the handle as tightly. As there are many high-rise retirement homes, there are sure to be trash and linen chutes in these buildings. To be sure the handle will be easy to use, look for ones that state they are ADA compliant.

Midland Chutes handles are keyed alike to the rest of the doors in the building so the maintenance staff can carry fewer keys. This will make doing their regular checks easier, and should they need to lock out a chute for repairs, they do not need to search through a large pile of keys to locate the right one.  It also makes it easier for building managers since they have to carry enough keys for the location as it is.

These handles can help meet all national NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and state fire code standards.  A Midland Chutes handle can latch a door closed so the fire does not spread.  By having the door closed at the top, there is not the updraft that can otherwise occur in case of fire.  Without fuel, fires do not spread as quickly, and they can therefore be contained much more easily, preventing a high-rise disaster.

A Midland Chutes handle can also be installed on the bottom door of the chute, again to ensure safety when not in use, so fires do not spread. When a chute is taken out of service for maintenance or cleaning, both handles can be locked to keep it from being used accidentally and causing a clog or items to fall into places outside the chute.

Create a Safer Environment with a Laundry Chute Fusible Link

Laundry chutes are designed to make it easier to get laundry down to the lower level in a high-rise building.  It is also great for places that house the elderly or disabled, since it can be quite difficult to carry a laundry basket when dealing with arthritis or a wheelchair.  It is also handy in hotels for the cleaning staff to get the laundry down to the washroom without overloading their cart with heavy linens.

Fusible Link 2 1/4″ long by Globe Tech

Fusible Link 2 1/4

This is a laundry chute fusible link replaceable part for Wilkinson Chutes discharge doors and other discharge door manufacturers.  (More Below)

A laundry chute fusible link is attached to the door at the bottom of a laundry chute to act as part of the fire safety system. During normal use, they are part of a chain that keeps the door open. Fusible links are designed to melt when the temperature of the air reaches 165 degrees, thus triggering the door to close and stay closed, so a fire that started in the basement does not spread up the chute to the upper floors. A high-rise fire can be disastrous, so installing a part that runs usually $20 – $30 which can help prevent the fire from spreading is a very wise investment.

Laundry chute fusible links can be used on any door type, including horizontal and vertical solid doors, rolling doors, and hopper discharge doors. A laundry chute fusible link can be used on trash chutes and laundry chutes both.

Rolling discharge doors use a type A laundry chute fusible link.  The link comes with a plated sheet metal screw to attach to the bottom of a rolling door.  This keeps the door open, but when the link melts, the door will roll horizontally closed. Some locations require that trash chute doors remain open so that they can constantly receive trash and not clog, which could pose a health hazard. Look for links that are made of bronze to keep them from corroding in damp areas, as basements can often be. Also, look for ones that carry the Underwriters’ Laboratories, or UL, rating. Underwriters’ Laboratories specialize in certifying products that will provide safe working and living environments.

There are thicker laundry chute fusible links available for doors that have loads in excess of 20 pounds or that are mounted on an angle or vertically instead of horizontally.  A pendant wire in conjunction with a speed nut can be used to help hold the door in place. They can be mounted on doors ranging in size from 18” to 36”.  Doors that are made of steel can be quite heavy, so this may be the way to go, depending on the construction of the chute and the door.

As we have seen, a laundry chute fusible link is a key part of building safety, and something that is easily replaced.  Building maintenance workers can make checking the links a part of their routine inspections or periodic maintenance, and get them replaced when needed so they will be ready to work when needed.  Links should state that they are NFPA, or National Fire Protection Association, compliant to be sure that they will melt properly in case of a fire.  Below are some more varieties of fusible links and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Counter Balance Fusible Link Kit for Hopper discharge

Counter Balance Fusible Link Hopper

This is a Counter Balance Fusible Link & chain kit for a Wilkinson Chutes discharge hopper door for your laundry chute. The purpose of the fusible link and chain is to prevent a fire from escaping up the chute to the higher floors.   Suitable for Wilkinson chutes, Midland Chutes and other manufacturers.  Our fusible links are designed to melt when the ambient temperature reaches 165 degrees in the case of a fire.


Fusible Link Kit with Chain

Fusible Link

$29.00Add to cart

This is a fusible link kit with chain is for discharge doors, and it comes with 2 S hooks, fusible link and a chain.

Chute Door Thumb Latch

Chute Door Thumb Latch

A chute door thumb latch is a great addition to any laundry or trash chute door to make it as easy as possible to open and close. These thumb latches or often called thumb triggers are more frequently used for Wilkinson Chutes style chute doors, so if you own a hotel, dormitory or other building that uses a chute for linen or garbage, it is worth your time and money to purchase these latches.

It is easy to install a chute door thumb latch onto your chute. Basic skills and tools are all you will need to be able to do so. The convenience of having a chute door thumb latch installed makes it worth the time it takes to install them. Your building’s tenants will be pleased that the chute door thumb latch you use on each of your chutes will allow them to easily and comfortably open and close any chute doors they  may need to use. These latches can even be used by people with small hands like children and are often used for people who are handicapped as they are considered ADA compliant by many.

When you purchase a chute door thumb latch you will be able to purchase the item in a convenient size. All “W” series latches can be replaced with any chute door thumb latch and many “R” series latches can be replaced with them also.

Thumb latches are comfortable to use, easy to install and very cost effective making them an excellent choice for anyone who owns a building where trash and laundry chutes are used every day. With so many people using these latches they have to be high quality latches that can withstand a great deal of use over a long period of time. These latches are a solid investment for building owners and providing them with one less issue to worry about.

Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for Side Hinged trash chute door.

chute door thumb latch

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This is a Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for both SIDE HINGED trash chute and laundry chute doors. This thumb latch is typically suitable for Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise intake doors.

More Wilkinson Chutes Parts can be found at this LINK.

Trash Chute Door Parts

Trash chutes make living in a multi-story building much easier and safer, by allowing people to clear out the trash from their apartment or condominium without having to navigate stairs at the same time.  The downside is that with heavy use, trash chutes can have parts wear out.  Never fear, however, because replacement trash chute door parts are available which save you money and reduce down time.

It is possible to buy several kinds of replacement parts, including closers, handles, latches, latch bolts, hinges, and fusible links. Closers come in gas and hydraulic styles, and help get the trash door close safely once you are done using it.  They typically come in 8” and 10” sizes, exclusive of the piston arm when measuring the cylinder alone.  The closers help a door self-close which is important for the door to retain its fire rating.  It keeps the door from being left open which can allow smoke and fire to come up the chute.

T Handle Spindle for but trash and laundry chute doors.

T Handle - Trash Chute Door Parts

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Other trash chute door parts include new handles which can be in a T or an L (ADA) configuration.  T handles are nice for people to be able to grip and turn to open the door.  L handles are great for people who have disabilities, because it is easier to move the handle without having to grip it.  Depending on the design, some can be keyed alike which makes it easier for maintenance staff and building supervisors to do what they need to do with checking the chutes’ operation.

Some trash chute door parts replace the hinges.  There are doors that open sideways while others open with the hinge at the bottom. Either design can be easily fixed with new hinges when the years take their toll. Being able to replace the hinges can get the trash chute back up and running very quickly, which can be a health and safety issue as well.

Some trash chute door parts include safety features like fusible links.  A fusible link helps keep a fire from shooting up the chute to the upper floors of the building.  The bottom door, called the discharge door, shuts when the heat from the fire melts the fusible link which had been keeping the door open.

10″ Hydraulic Closer trash chute door parts

Hydraulic Closer

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Another type of trash chute door parts is an odor suppressor.  They come in various scents, and can also be used to keep rats and mice at bay. This is important for health since rodents can carry all kinds of diseases.  Plus, it can be much more pleasant to have a fresh or fruit scent coming from the trash chute.

There is no need to replace an entire trash chute door, when the parts are easy to obtain and install. They can provide a lower cost solution for building managers to use to take care of maintenance issues. The other good part is that it can be a much faster solution to get a broken trash chute up and going.  Having a trash chute go down can cause frustration for tenants, so fixing it makes life so much better.

Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for SIDE HINGED Door

Latch trigger

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Linen chute parts can make multi-story living easier!

When you live on an upper floor, even if it is in a single-family house, laundry day can become a bigger chore than usual without a linen chute.  Making things trickier is when that chute breaks down or the parts wear out.  Luckily, linen chute parts are available to repair or upgrade your chute, which gets you back on track in short order, and in a much less expensive way than replacing the entire door.

Linen chute parts often improve the way people can use them as well.

laundry and linen chute parts for all your intake doors.For high-rise apartments and condominiums, locking linen chute doors can be invaluable.  They come in T-handle and L-handle styles, the latter being a great choice for ADA retrofitting or accommodations.  T-handle designs can fit either side-hinged or bottom-hinged doors, and the keys can often be made alike, so both day and night shift managers can have a copy.

L-handle designs, also called lever handles, are easier for those with physical restrictions to operate.  These handles can be operated without having to grip the handle and turn it, so they are great for senior citizen facilities, also.  These handles can be keyed alike, just like T-handles can.  There are also thumb latches which can be added to the doors for easy opening.  Thumb latches can be used most easily on side-hinged doors, and are ideal for use in high-rise buildings.  These, too, are easier to open since the handle does not have to be gripped.

When dropping laundry down the chute, having the door close too quickly can be both a nuisance and painful.  Linen chute parts supply places will often carry both gas and hydraulic door closers so you can be sure your family or your tenants will be able to use the chute safely.  The gas closer is most often used on bottom-hinged doors, while the hydraulic closer can be used for either design.  Either closer can fit a variety of sizes of doors, so be sure to have your chute door measurements handy when shopping.

trash chute handleYou can also find linen chute parts that will make your laundry chute safer in case of a fire.  A fusible link kit, comprised of two hooks and a chain, can be added to the door at the bottom of the chute.  The chain is made of a material that will melt when the temperature reaches 165 degrees, so it will keep the door from opening and allowing the fire to shoot up the chute to the upper floors.  This can be a significant safety factor in high-rise buildings.

When you shop for linen chute parts, you should keep a few things in mind.  Researching the materials the replacement parts are made of can guide you to look for durable materials that will last, and will keep you from having to repair the door again in a short time.  Price can be another factor, but regardless of the cost of the part, a quality part will still run you less than replacing the door would.

10″ Gas Shock Closer for your trash chute door

Our 10″ Gas Shock Closer is pressured at 30 lbs.  These gas chute closers have ball socket fittings that are very easy to install by just pulling or pushing the end fittings snap on and snap off.  These 10” Gas Shock Closers are strategically designed to fit in a bottom hinged trash chute doors and a laundry chute door.  This heavy duty closer are the perfect fit for chute doors whose size are 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21 and 24 x 24. Often called an “Extended Gas Closer” or “Hydraulic Closer”, it features gas spring action with standard compression.

This extended gas closer comes with a black nitride finish and closer rod. Whether your chute door is for laundry or trash, it is an ideal solution for both of those circumstances.  This 10″ Gas Shock Closer is best suited for chute door manufacturers of different brands like Hi Rise Recycling Systems, Cutler Chutes, American Chute Systems, Century Chutes, Acme Chutes, Midland Metalcraft Chutes, Valiant Chutes, and US Chutes  For  Wilkinson Buchanan, Wilkinson Company, and Wilkinson Hi-Rise Chutes the best solution is to use a 10” hydraulic closer instead.

This 10″ Gas Shock Closer has a length of 10.2 inches when it is compressed and it can extend up to 17.2 inches.  You can visit our chute closer page to see all the gas and hydraulic closer we carry.  Last note to make is that this closure is often considered to be named as a 17” extended gas closer.  A 10” or 17” inch gas closer is the same closer.

10” Gas Shock Closers

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Trash Chute Slam Latch

A Trash Chute Slam Latch is a replacement latch that fits any Vertical Discharge Door. This replacement works for top hinged doors that need to have a latch on the bottom center position of the chute’s door or sometimes on each side of the door for larger doors. The Hopper discharge door keeps fire from traveling up the trash chute and prevents putting nearby people and objects in danger. These discharge doors are fire rated and are required to be checked once every year. They also have to be certified courtesy of a qualified and licensed inspector.

Action Chutes sells a Midland type or Wilkinson hopper discharge handles (make your selection below). This handle is used for a chute door outlet. The Midland hopper discharge handle can be used on both laundry chutes and trash chutes. These high quality handles should be purchased by any building owner so that they know they will have reliable handles that will last for a long time.

The trash chute slam latch weighs no more than two pounds, and they are easy to transport and easy to ship to customers. Making sure that the slam latch used on any trash chute is safe and reliable is a no brainer for those who purchase their latch’s from Action Chutes Inc.

These latches have a reputation among professionals as being the best latches that money can buy. They can be maintained easily but are not easily damaged or broken. A trash chute slam latch is the perfect addition to any chute used in a dormitory, hospital or hotel. It is important to purchase these slam latches even if they are not needed immediately. Having a supply of them to use when there is a problem with a trash chute is always a wise decision.

Discharge Trash chute slam latch


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This is a Hopper discharge handle for and outlet discharge chute door. This handle is made for both your trash chute and laundry chute discharge hopper and is typically suitable for Wilkinson Chutes type hopper door, and Midland Chutes doors.

ADA Lever handle

ADA Lever Handle or L Latch

The ADA lever handle is mounted on the doors of both laundry and trash chutes that are found in a typical apartment building, hotel, high rise building or dormitory. These handles are usually shaped like the letter L and are made using cast metal, which helps them last longer. The assembling of an ADA lever handle should be compliant with the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice for an accessible handle.

An ADA lever handle, or L handle, includes a V-Spindle and each handle comes with its own key. These keys are designed to fit all standard laundry and trash chutes. L handles can generally be used on either the bottom or side of a laundry or trash chute. Both L handles and T handles fit the same keys, making it easy and convenient to lock the chute when not in use. These light weight handles usually weigh in at approximately one pound.  This specific handle is designed for a standard chute intake door like Midland Chutes.  We also have Wilkinson Chutes ADA L handles, but you must specify the type of handle you need if it is other then a standard handle as displayed in the picture below.

ADA Lever handle

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Most ADA lever handles come with a lifetime warranty so that if they ever stop working, replacement parts can be obtained for free. These handles are made for commercial use and therefore are made to last for a long time. ADA lever handle is a good investment for any building owner that uses laundry or   trash chutes.

ADA lever handles are easy to install and are very reliable as well. With such a constant demand for ADA lever handles, it is always easy to find high quality handles for commercial use and even use in private homes that have either a trash or laundry chute.

ADA Lever Handle is often suitable for handicap situations

Replacing Your Chute Hydraulic Door Parts

Your trash or linen chute has many moving parts, which often take a good deal of abuse and can wear over time. While these parts are made to be very durable, it is important to note that in order to keep your chute in good working order you may want to check those parts periodically. One of the parts you should check during this time is the chute hydraulic as it can easily wear down over time and impede quality operation if broken.

10 Chute Hydraulic Closer

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In order to check the chutes hydraulic, you will need to open the chute door and look inside. The chutes hydraulic is a piston and cylinder assembly measuring roughly 10-11 inches and looks much like the closer on a screen door. First, you want to open and close the door a few times to make sure the piston action is smooth and does not catch in places where the piston may be bent. You also want to check to make sure the screws are intact and that the clip is not bent. On the other end of the trash chutes hydraulic are the brackets and it should not be chipped or broken in any way. If any of these components fails the visual and operation test, it is time to replace the part.  Our hydraulic closers are adjustable, meaning that you can adjust the speed of the door closure.

Replacing the retractable chute hydraulic is quite a simple process and requires little more than a screwdriver, some elbow grease, and a helper to hold a flashlight. While replacing the chute closer, be sure to note any damage to other parts you may see and always follow all instructions to ensure safety and good working operation of your linen or trash chute.


10 Gas Spring Ball Stud Extended Chute Door Closer

Inspection and replacement of your chute piston

There are many reasons why you would need to inspect and replace parts for your trash or linen chute. There are a few working parts that take a great amount of wear and abuse over time. While these parts are designed with this in mind, they can become worn and eventually begin to fail. One of these parts is your chute piston, and it is an integral part of having smooth operating chute system. Also called a gas closer or gas piston, this part resembles a closer on a screen door and works very much the same way in a bottom hinged chute.

10″ Gas Chute Piston Closer  (10″ cylinder and 17″ when extended)

Gas Shock Spring Closer Chute Piston

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This 10″ Extended Chute Closer is for a Bottom Hinged Chute Door. 17.2″ long when Extended and 10.2″ when Compressed. Ball Socket End Fittings with Spring Clip.  Standard Compression Gas Piston Spring or sometimes called Hydraulic closer. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


Upon inspection of the chute piston, take care to make sure the ball socket is not cracked or warped in any way that would impede operation. Also take care to listen and feel for any air leaking out of the piston tube during normal operation. Also check the piston itself for cracks or bends. Anything other than normal operation will warrant replacement of the chute piston.

Replacement of the chute piston is easy and requires little more than a screwdriver and maybe a small flashlight. When installing the chute piston, be sure to follow instructions and clean any surfaces the part will come into contact with. This will ensure a proper fit and good working order of the replacement part. Taking care to properly diagnose problems and replace necessary parts will ensure proper chute function for many years with little maintenance and a good amount of wear.

Below is also the popular 10” hydraulic closer, and neither of these items suit your needs, you can go to the following page to view all our piston closers or you can call us at 845 225 4507, and we can help you find exactly what you need.

10″ Hydraulic Closer

Hydraulic Closer

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This 10″ Hydraulic closer is most often for a Bottom Hinged and sometimes Side Hinged chute intake door. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.

Replacement handle solutions for your trash and laundry chute

The key to good linen or trash chute operation is good maintenance and sometimes replacement of any moving parts. One of the most common parts that can break and will need to be replaced is the chute handle. In the case of our popular T Handle, the chute handle gets the most work and often takes the most abuse. Since the v-spindle portion of the handle mechanism may still be good, you may not need to replace the whole component, but rather you would simply need to purchase a replacement handle. Here is how to tell which components you may need to replace based on inspection of the handle and spindle component.

First, you inspect the chute handle, make sure the key works properly, and that is turns the lock easily. You then inspect the handle itself for any dents or cracks and turn the handle to make sure it rotates the v-spindle from side to side properly. If the handle does not pass visual inspection, lock and unlock easily, or does not turn properly, you will definitely need a replacement handle. If the v-spindle looks in good condition and is free of any warping or severe chipping, you can purchase the T-Handle without the spindle, and save some money by using the spindle that currently on the handle that you have.  Since the components can be purchased as a whole or separately, you can easily get a keyed replacement handle and replace it using simply a screwdriver in 15-30 minutes of time. Make sure to follow any directions your replacement handle may come with to prevent voiding any associated warranty, as well as ensuring good working order of your linen or trash chute.

Below is the option to purchase the T-handle with or without the V spindle:

T Handle WITHOUT Spindle

T Handles No Spindle

This is the most popular T-handle we sell and is suitable for both a Bottom Hinged and Side Hinged chute intake door.  The T handle does NOT come with a spindle and is fitted with a “key alike” cylinder and 2 keys.





T Handle WITH Spindle

T Handle

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This is the most popular T-handle we sell and is suitable for both a Bottom Hinged and Side Hinged chute intake door.  The T handle has the popular v spindle and is fitted with a “key alike” cylinder and 2 keys.