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Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

Tubular Latch Set for Trash Chute Door

Inside the handle of a trash chute door is a tubular latch that helps ensure that the door opens when it should, and stays closed when it should.  The tubular latch is the slightly flattened or rounded hollow cylinder inside the complete door handle assembly. A quality tubular latch will have smooth and quiet operation, and will not require constant lubrication. It should also not have so much oil inside that it ends up leaking.

Tubular latches can be used in a number of types of handles, including T handles, Thumb Latch Triggers, and L handles which are commonly found on laundry and trash chute doors. The backset tubular latch is the one that is typically found in door handle assemblies.

A universal part is capable of working in a wide variety of manufacturer’s handles. Tubular latches are also the most common type used, and can be found in almost any door.  You can find them in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Just be sure to have the right measurements of the current part and have the brand of the current door handle/latch ready when you place your order so you can be assured of ordering the right part the first time, thereby avoiding the hassle of having to do a return and also keeping a key building component in full operation.

1 3/4″ Backset Tubular Latch Set Assembly is the standard latch for the majority of manufactured doors.  It will fit in Wilkinson Chutes Side Hinged T-Handles, L Handle (ADA), and Thumb Latch Trigger handles.

Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

For the rest of the manufacturers, this 1 3/4″ backset tubular latch assembly is suitable for both bottom and side hinged doors.  This is the most common latch and is suitable for about 90% of all handles.  (All Handles)

A tubular latch can be installed in any number of trash chute doors, including bottom hinged and side hinged doors.  When you receive your kit, you will usually find an inner and an outer part that fit together, with a spring that goes in the center.  The inner part contains the latch that goes into the door strike plate to close the door. When you turn the handle, the latch retracts and moves along the outer tube, and allows the door to open. The spring then returns the latch to its original position as soon as the handle is released.

Over the years, and with repeated heavy use, the existing latch in trash chute doors wears out.  A replacement backset tubular latch set is easy to install, takes a minimal amount of time, and will get the door and chute back in business. A new door can run several hundred dollars, but a new backset latch kit will run less than ten dollars, saving a lot of time in the process. Also, in high-rise buildings where having a trash chute is not just a nice convenience but really a necessity, replacing the latch is an invaluable time saver, getting the chute back up and helping the residents maintain health and safety.

In these tough economic times, building maintenance people and building managers are always looking for ways to save money.  Replacing the necessary chute parts is a great way to do this instead of tearing out and replacing the whole original unit.