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Backset Tubular Latch Assembly

When selecting a latch for your trash chute door or laundry chute intake door, pay careful attention to the latch.  There are basically two types of latches as listed below:

1)    1 3/4″ Backset Tubular Latch Assembly is the standard latch for the majority of manufactured doors.  This 1 3/4″ Latch fits Wilkinson Chutes Side Hinged T-Handles, L Handle (ADA), and Thumb Latch Trigger handles.  For the rest of the manufacturers including Midland Chutes, this 1 3/4″ backset tubular latch assembly is suitable for both bottom hinged and side hinged doors.  This is the most common latch and is suitable for about 90% of all handles.

2)    1 11/16″ Backset Tubular Latch Assembly is typically only for a bottom hinged Wilkinson Chutes type doors including the T Handle, L Handle (ADA) or Thumb Larch Trigger.