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Chute Door Thumb Latch

Chute Door Thumb Latch

A chute door thumb latch is a great addition to any laundry or trash chute door to make it as easy as possible to open and close. These thumb latches or often called thumb triggers are more frequently used for Wilkinson Chutes style chute doors, so if you own a hotel, dormitory or other building that uses a chute for linen or garbage, it is worth your time and money to purchase these latches.

It is easy to install a chute door thumb latch onto your chute. Basic skills and tools are all you will need to be able to do so. The convenience of having a chute door thumb latch installed makes it worth the time it takes to install them. Your building’s tenants will be pleased that the chute door thumb latch you use on each of your chutes will allow them to easily and comfortably open and close any chute doors they  may need to use. These latches can even be used by people with small hands like children and are often used for people who are handicapped as they are considered ADA compliant by many.

When you purchase a chute door thumb latch you will be able to purchase the item in a convenient size. All “W” series latches can be replaced with any chute door thumb latch and many “R” series latches can be replaced with them also.

Thumb latches are comfortable to use, easy to install and very cost effective making them an excellent choice for anyone who owns a building where trash and laundry chutes are used every day. With so many people using these latches they have to be high quality latches that can withstand a great deal of use over a long period of time. These latches are a solid investment for building owners and providing them with one less issue to worry about.

Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for Side Hinged trash chute door.

chute door thumb latch

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This is a Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for both SIDE HINGED trash chute and laundry chute doors. This thumb latch is typically suitable for Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise intake doors.

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