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Midland Chutes Handles Add Style and Function to Linen and Trash Chutes

Midland Chutes is a company that has been around for nearly 40 years. They are based in Illinois and began operations in 1976 as Midland Metalcraft Company making trash and linen chutes for high-rise buildings, including many famous hotels in Las Vegas and at Petco Field in San Diego.   They are the largest manufacturer of chutes in the United States based on size of the physical plant, and all of their products are made in the US.

A Midland Chutes handle can come in a few different styles. A T-style handle looks like a T when viewed from the side.  These handles come with the exterior handle, the spindle,  and two keys,  for installation.  It mounts to the front of the door on either the left or right side for side-opening doors, or on the top for a bottom-hinged door. The handles typically come with an attractive chrome finish like which can add a bright touch of style to the door.  Linen and trash chutes are designed to be functional, but no one really considers their aesthetics, usually.  A T handle is great for being able to get a solid grip on the handle and turn it to open the door, making it ideal for trash chutes.

T Handle Kit

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This is a T-handle kit and is suitable for both a Bottom Hinged and Side Hinged chute intake door. The T handle has the popular v spindle and comes with a latch. It is fitted with a “key alike” cylinder and 2 keys.

There are also Midland Chutes handles designed in an L shape.  This is ideal for people with disabilities or the elderly who might have arthritis issues.  It can be turned without having to grip the handle as tightly. As there are many high-rise retirement homes, there are sure to be trash and linen chutes in these buildings. To be sure the handle will be easy to use, look for ones that state they are ADA compliant.

Midland Chutes handles are keyed alike to the rest of the doors in the building so the maintenance staff can carry fewer keys. This will make doing their regular checks easier, and should they need to lock out a chute for repairs, they do not need to search through a large pile of keys to locate the right one.  It also makes it easier for building managers since they have to carry enough keys for the location as it is.

These handles can help meet all national NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and state fire code standards.  A Midland Chutes handle can latch a door closed so the fire does not spread.  By having the door closed at the top, there is not the updraft that can otherwise occur in case of fire.  Without fuel, fires do not spread as quickly, and they can therefore be contained much more easily, preventing a high-rise disaster.

A Midland Chutes handle can also be installed on the bottom door of the chute, again to ensure safety when not in use, so fires do not spread. When a chute is taken out of service for maintenance or cleaning, both handles can be locked to keep it from being used accidentally and causing a clog or items to fall into places outside the chute.

Chute Door Thumb Latch

Chute Door Thumb Latch

A chute door thumb latch is a great addition to any laundry or trash chute door to make it as easy as possible to open and close. These thumb latches or often called thumb triggers are more frequently used for Wilkinson Chutes style chute doors, so if you own a hotel, dormitory or other building that uses a chute for linen or garbage, it is worth your time and money to purchase these latches.

It is easy to install a chute door thumb latch onto your chute. Basic skills and tools are all you will need to be able to do so. The convenience of having a chute door thumb latch installed makes it worth the time it takes to install them. Your building’s tenants will be pleased that the chute door thumb latch you use on each of your chutes will allow them to easily and comfortably open and close any chute doors they  may need to use. These latches can even be used by people with small hands like children and are often used for people who are handicapped as they are considered ADA compliant by many.

When you purchase a chute door thumb latch you will be able to purchase the item in a convenient size. All “W” series latches can be replaced with any chute door thumb latch and many “R” series latches can be replaced with them also.

Thumb latches are comfortable to use, easy to install and very cost effective making them an excellent choice for anyone who owns a building where trash and laundry chutes are used every day. With so many people using these latches they have to be high quality latches that can withstand a great deal of use over a long period of time. These latches are a solid investment for building owners and providing them with one less issue to worry about.

Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for Side Hinged trash chute door.

chute door thumb latch

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This is a Thumb Latch Trigger Kit for both SIDE HINGED trash chute and laundry chute doors. This thumb latch is typically suitable for Wilkinson Chutes Hi-Rise intake doors.

More Wilkinson Chutes Parts can be found at this LINK.

Linen chute parts can make multi-story living easier!

When you live on an upper floor, even if it is in a single-family house, laundry day can become a bigger chore than usual without a linen chute.  Making things trickier is when that chute breaks down or the parts wear out.  Luckily, linen chute parts are available to repair or upgrade your chute, which gets you back on track in short order, and in a much less expensive way than replacing the entire door.

Linen chute parts often improve the way people can use them as well.

laundry and linen chute parts for all your intake doors.For high-rise apartments and condominiums, locking linen chute doors can be invaluable.  They come in T-handle and L-handle styles, the latter being a great choice for ADA retrofitting or accommodations.  T-handle designs can fit either side-hinged or bottom-hinged doors, and the keys can often be made alike, so both day and night shift managers can have a copy.

L-handle designs, also called lever handles, are easier for those with physical restrictions to operate.  These handles can be operated without having to grip the handle and turn it, so they are great for senior citizen facilities, also.  These handles can be keyed alike, just like T-handles can.  There are also thumb latches which can be added to the doors for easy opening.  Thumb latches can be used most easily on side-hinged doors, and are ideal for use in high-rise buildings.  These, too, are easier to open since the handle does not have to be gripped.

When dropping laundry down the chute, having the door close too quickly can be both a nuisance and painful.  Linen chute parts supply places will often carry both gas and hydraulic door closers so you can be sure your family or your tenants will be able to use the chute safely.  The gas closer is most often used on bottom-hinged doors, while the hydraulic closer can be used for either design.  Either closer can fit a variety of sizes of doors, so be sure to have your chute door measurements handy when shopping.

trash chute handleYou can also find linen chute parts that will make your laundry chute safer in case of a fire.  A fusible link kit, comprised of two hooks and a chain, can be added to the door at the bottom of the chute.  The chain is made of a material that will melt when the temperature reaches 165 degrees, so it will keep the door from opening and allowing the fire to shoot up the chute to the upper floors.  This can be a significant safety factor in high-rise buildings.

When you shop for linen chute parts, you should keep a few things in mind.  Researching the materials the replacement parts are made of can guide you to look for durable materials that will last, and will keep you from having to repair the door again in a short time.  Price can be another factor, but regardless of the cost of the part, a quality part will still run you less than replacing the door would.

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Maintaining your linen chute handle

Owning and maintaining your side or bottom hinged linen chute is actually quite easy as there are few moving parts to take note of. Of these parts, one you should be checking periodically is your linen chute handle. This main component is typically T shaped or L shaped depending on which handle you own. The difference between the two is merely cosmetic on the most part as both operate in typically the same fashion but L Handle or sometimes called a Lever handle is considered ADA compliant. Taking care to ensure proper working order of your laundry chute handle will give you piece of mind that your laundry chute will remain in good condition for many years.

Linen chute handle with v spindle and latch (complete kit)

Replacement of the linen chute handle and the accompanying latch are as easy as replacing any other door hardware and should only require a screwdriver.


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Upon inspection you should note that if your linen chute handle is keyed, you should make sure that the keyhole is free of any severe scratching or chipping that may cause the key to not work properly. You should then check the action of the handle itself. The chute handle should move freely when turned and not be either too rough nor feel like you are simply turning the handle without engaging the internal components. The latch should move when engaged and also be free of severe chipping or warping. If anything looks or feels out of order, the chute handle may simply need to be oiled or cleaned in order to maintain proper function. If there are worse issues, the handle will need to be replaced. While this may seem like a slightly intimidating task, it simply requires a screwdriver and good instructions and should take less than an hour for most individuals.

Although these items are often overlooked due to their simplicity, maintaining key components of your linen chute, including the linen chute parts will ensure good working order for many years. Since these components are used often and roughly in many cases; simply taking a moment every few months to check them will give you a heads up before things break.