Trash Chute Slam Latch

A Trash Chute Slam Latch is a replacement latch that fits any Vertical Discharge Door. This replacement works for top hinged doors that need to have a latch on the bottom center position of the chute’s door or sometimes on each side of the door for larger doors. The Hopper discharge door keeps fire from traveling up the trash chute and prevents putting nearby people and objects in danger. These discharge doors are fire rated and are required to be checked once every year. They also have to be certified courtesy of a qualified and licensed inspector.

Action Chutes sells a Midland type or Wilkinson hopper discharge handles (make your selection below). This handle is used for a chute door outlet. The Midland hopper discharge handle can be used on both laundry chutes and trash chutes. These high quality handles should be purchased by any building owner so that they know they will have reliable handles that will last for a long time.

The trash chute slam latch weighs no more than two pounds, and they are easy to transport and easy to ship to customers. Making sure that the slam latch used on any trash chute is safe and reliable is a no brainer for those who purchase their latch’s from Action Chutes Inc.

These latches have a reputation among professionals as being the best latches that money can buy. They can be maintained easily but are not easily damaged or broken. A trash chute slam latch is the perfect addition to any chute used in a dormitory, hospital or hotel. It is important to purchase these slam latches even if they are not needed immediately. Having a supply of them to use when there is a problem with a trash chute is always a wise decision.

Discharge Trash chute slam latch


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This is a Hopper discharge handle for and outlet discharge chute door. This handle is made for both your trash chute and laundry chute discharge hopper and is typically suitable for Wilkinson Chutes type hopper door, and Midland Chutes doors.

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