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17” Chute Closer for Trash and Laundry Chutes

In high-rise buildings, there are commonly found trash and laundry chutes.  They make life so much easier instead of having to take a heavy and/or smelly bag of things downstairs.  From time to time they do need maintenance, however.  And a common part that breaks down that needs replacement is the closer in your trash or laundry chute door.

There are a number of ways to fix broken or missing chute closer.  One is to install a new 17” chute closer.  This is ideal for larger doors ranging in size from 14” X 17” to 24” X 24”.  It is more heavy duty and can handle heavier doors, such as those made from steel.  A 17” closer will work for either side or bottom hinged chute doors.   Its size is based on how long it is when it is fully extended.  When closed, it measures just over 10”.

 17″ Chute Closer (gas)

17" chute closer

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This 10″ Extended Chute Closer is for a Bottom Hinged Chute Door. 17.2″ long when Extended and 10.2″ when Compressed. Ball Socket End Fittings with Spring Clip. Standard Compression Gas Spring or sometimes called Hydraulic closer. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.



Side hinged doors often are used for laundry, since laundry is frequently put into a bag first, or large sheets are bundled up.  Having a 17” chute closer means all you have to do is let go of the handle on your door and the door will self close automatically.  give the door a tap when you are done and the door will close for you.  The length of the closer means the door can open wide for easy access until it is time to close.

A 17” chute closer operates on gas.  Gas openers are also called gas or hydraulic springs, since there is a gas inside the piston cylinder which gives a smooth opening performance.  This means those residents who might otherwise have difficulty working the door will find it much easier and even those who do not will appreciate having a little help when dealing with dirty laundry or the week’s trash.

17” chute closers are manufactured for many brands like Midland Metalcraft, American Chute Systems, Century Chutes, Wilkinson, Acme Chutes, and American Chute Systems, so for the most part, regardless of what brand of chute a building has installed, the part will be available.  Maintenance workers can shop with confidence and find what they need to get their residents taken care of.

Chute closers are often important to keep down sounds, odors, fires, or vermin.  17” chute closers provide style, comfort, and performance, all for an affordable price.

10″ Gas Shock Closer for your trash chute door

Our 10″ Gas Shock Closer is pressured at 30 lbs.  These gas chute closers have ball socket fittings that are very easy to install by just pulling or pushing the end fittings snap on and snap off.  These 10” Gas Shock Closers are strategically designed to fit in a bottom hinged trash chute doors and a laundry chute door.  This heavy duty closer are the perfect fit for chute doors whose size are 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21 and 24 x 24. Often called an “Extended Gas Closer” or “Hydraulic Closer”, it features gas spring action with standard compression.

This extended gas closer comes with a black nitride finish and closer rod. Whether your chute door is for laundry or trash, it is an ideal solution for both of those circumstances.  This 10″ Gas Shock Closer is best suited for chute door manufacturers of different brands like Hi Rise Recycling Systems, Cutler Chutes, American Chute Systems, Century Chutes, Acme Chutes, Midland Metalcraft Chutes, Valiant Chutes, and US Chutes  For  Wilkinson Buchanan, Wilkinson Company, and Wilkinson Hi-Rise Chutes the best solution is to use a 10” hydraulic closer instead.

This 10″ Gas Shock Closer has a length of 10.2 inches when it is compressed and it can extend up to 17.2 inches.  You can visit our chute closer page to see all the gas and hydraulic closer we carry.  Last note to make is that this closure is often considered to be named as a 17” extended gas closer.  A 10” or 17” inch gas closer is the same closer.

10” Gas Shock Closers

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Extended Gas Chute Closer

Your laundry or trash chute makes life a lot more convenient. It makes doing laundry or preparing to take out the trash a hundred times faster and easier by having it all in one place. You might think that it is never going to fail, but just like other things in your home or building, there are parts that will need to be replaced. If the chute closure on your chute is dented or starting to crack then you might want to replace it. This can lead to a full malfunction in the near future.

10" inch Extended Gas Chute Closer Ball Stud An extended gas chute closer would be a good choice for your replacement needs. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24. It is ideal for a chute door with a bottom hinge, and commonly used by Midland Chutes or formerly called Midland Metalcraft, and many other manufacturers. It operates as a Gas closer but often confused as a Hydraulic closure and is suitable for most brands of trash or laundry chutes.  The nitride coated steel gas spring controls the force of the opening making it easy to get your shoot open.

If you do not have the extended chute closer installed then it can easily replace the one you have for a more efficient opening and closing. If you already have an extended gas chute closer, than you should check the ball socket joints to make sure they are not getting worn, or cracked. This is another indicator that it is time to change the closer.

Replacing the door closer with the extended gas chute closer will ensure that your chute continues to operate properly. A routine inspection of your laundry or trash chute will tell you if it needs to be replaced. Continue to enjoy the luxury of your chute by remembering to check occasionally to see if something needs to be replaced.

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