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Update Your Building with a New Trash Chute Spring

Laundry and Trash chutes can make life so much easier when you live in a high-rise apartment building or a multi-story house, letting you drop your garbage or linen down the chute to the basement without having to lug a heavy basket or trash bag downstairs.  It can also be much safer, since you do not have to try to look around the clothes to see the steps, risking losing your footing in the process.

One thing to consider with your chute door is the spring on your intake doors.  For intake doors it is a little different because the spring is used to keep your door closed, and to self close.  This is important so you do not have to try to close the door again once the clothes or trash are dropped down, thus keeping odors, pests, drafts, and fires from climbing up the chute.  This protects the health and safety of the residents.

A laundry or trash chute spring comes in two types – gas or hydraulic.  Physical springs work by gravity, versus springs that operate by hydraulics or gas, and often come in lengths ranging from 15” to 20”.  On the upper floors, the chute door that needs to be pulled open and then would then retract by a spring when the laundry has been dropped, thus keeping the top of the chute closed.  Below is an example of a Gas closer that is a pin type or sometimes call ball stud type:

10″ Trash Chute Spring

Trash chute spring

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This 10″ Extended Gas Chute Closer is for a Bottom Hinged Chute Door. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.



The safety factor of having a laundry or trash chute spring cannot be underestimated.  With the doors open, a fire in the basement would shoot straight up to the upper floors via the chute, carried along by the draft created by the temperature differences between the floors.  When the doors can automatically close and be kept closed, this risk is greatly reduced. Fire safety regulations exist in every state and many localities.  These chute springs thus play a huge part in the overall safety of the building and helping the owners stay in compliance with fire safety rules.  Below is an example of the two types of hydraulic retracted closers:

10″ Hydraulic trash chute closer

10 Hydraulic trash chute closer

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This 10″ Hydraulic trash chute spring is most often for a Bottom Hinged and sometimes Side Hinged chute intake door. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


8″ Retracted Hydraulic Chute Door Closer – Side  & Bottom Hinged

8" Retracted Hydraulic Closer - Side Hinged

This 8″ Retracted Hydraulic closer is for both Bottom and  Side Hinged chute intake doors. This closer will fit the following size doors 12 x 15, 14 x 17, 15 x 15, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


Building maintenance workers can save a lot of money for the building owners and managers by just replacing the parts that need to be replaced, instead of the entire door.  Laundry chute springs should be inspected periodically to be sure they are not wearing out or stretching too far so that they permanently stretch out. When they do need to be replaced, they are readily available and do not cost much, so they can quickly be installed and get the residents back to normal.

Replacing Your Chute Hydraulic Door Parts

Your trash or linen chute has many moving parts, which often take a good deal of abuse and can wear over time. While these parts are made to be very durable, it is important to note that in order to keep your chute in good working order you may want to check those parts periodically. One of the parts you should check during this time is the chute hydraulic as it can easily wear down over time and impede quality operation if broken.

10 Chute Hydraulic Closer

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In order to check the chutes hydraulic, you will need to open the chute door and look inside. The chutes hydraulic is a piston and cylinder assembly measuring roughly 10-11 inches and looks much like the closer on a screen door. First, you want to open and close the door a few times to make sure the piston action is smooth and does not catch in places where the piston may be bent. You also want to check to make sure the screws are intact and that the clip is not bent. On the other end of the trash chutes hydraulic are the brackets and it should not be chipped or broken in any way. If any of these components fails the visual and operation test, it is time to replace the part.  Our hydraulic closers are adjustable, meaning that you can adjust the speed of the door closure.

Replacing the retractable chute hydraulic is quite a simple process and requires little more than a screwdriver, some elbow grease, and a helper to hold a flashlight. While replacing the chute closer, be sure to note any damage to other parts you may see and always follow all instructions to ensure safety and good working operation of your linen or trash chute.


Extended Gas Chute Closer

Your laundry or trash chute makes life a lot more convenient. It makes doing laundry or preparing to take out the trash a hundred times faster and easier by having it all in one place. You might think that it is never going to fail, but just like other things in your home or building, there are parts that will need to be replaced. If the chute closure on your chute is dented or starting to crack then you might want to replace it. This can lead to a full malfunction in the near future.

10" inch Extended Gas Chute Closer Ball Stud An extended gas chute closer would be a good choice for your replacement needs. This closure will fit the following size doors 14 x 17, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24. It is ideal for a chute door with a bottom hinge, and commonly used by Midland Chutes or formerly called Midland Metalcraft, and many other manufacturers. It operates as a Gas closer but often confused as a Hydraulic closure and is suitable for most brands of trash or laundry chutes.  The nitride coated steel gas spring controls the force of the opening making it easy to get your shoot open.

If you do not have the extended chute closer installed then it can easily replace the one you have for a more efficient opening and closing. If you already have an extended gas chute closer, than you should check the ball socket joints to make sure they are not getting worn, or cracked. This is another indicator that it is time to change the closer.

Replacing the door closer with the extended gas chute closer will ensure that your chute continues to operate properly. A routine inspection of your laundry or trash chute will tell you if it needs to be replaced. Continue to enjoy the luxury of your chute by remembering to check occasionally to see if something needs to be replaced.

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10” Chute Door Hydraulic Closer

10 Hydraulic CloserProperly maintaining and replacing broken parts for your trash or laundry chute is a simple fact of life. You want your chute to remain in proper working function for as long as possible and there are a few parts that you should check periodically for good working order. If you have a side or bottom hinged chute door, one of these parts should be the 10” chute hydraulic closure. This hydraulic closer is crucial to good chute door operation and is actually an easy part to damage or wear out over time.

Upon examination of the chute door, the 10” chute door hydraulic closer looks very much like the closer on a screen door and works in nearly the same way. You will notice the clip on one end and the piston on the other end. The first thing you should look for is any loose or broken screws on the clip end. You should also examine both the piston and piston cylinder and clean any debris found on either. You should then check both parts for any cracks, dents or anything else that would impede proper motion. Open and close the door a few times to make sure the 10” hydraulic closer is working properly. If anything seems out of order, it may be time to replace the part.

Replacing the broken or worn out part is actually quite easy and should only require a screwdriver. Checking your 10” chute door hydraulic closer periodically ensures good chute door operation and overall life of the chute.

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Roto Closer for Laundry Chute door.

Roto Closer

Roto Closer for Laundry Chute door.A Roto Closer is ideally used for laundry chute side hinged intake door.  This hydraulic Roto Closure measures 2″ at the wider part of the round piece and 2-3/4″ in total length.

You will see in the picture to the right that the cylinder is wider at the top and then tapers down at the bottom.

Roto closure dimensions

The full length of it is 2-3/4″.  There is no weight limit listed on the closure box.  We use this roto closer on large 24″ x 24″ side-hinged doors that weigh about 50 lbs, so if your door is that size or smaller, it should work well.  Most of these types of closures attach the same way so a retro-fit should not be too hard to do if needed.  This roto closer will fit ideally in a Midland Chutes side hinged laundry chute intake door, and similar doors.  It is commonly thought of as universal closure for most side hinged doors.  Below is another picture of the roto closure and note that it come as a kit with all the hardware necessary for assembly.  This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 15, 18 x 18, 21 x 21 and 24 x 24.Roto Closure Kit

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Chute Closure

10" Gas Chute closureWhen performing maintenance on your bottom hinged trash or laundry chute, one of the main things you want to check is the chute closure. You want to make sure that this particular gas closure is free of dents or cracks that could impede proper movement. Often called a gas piston or gas spring, it looks exactly like a piston and should be easy to locate. You should note the following during the inspection: The gas piston, the piston chamber tube, and the ball joints on both ends. The mechanism when opened fully is about 17” and around 10” when closed and the gas piston should open and close completely as the extended function opens and closes your chute door. Aside from a physical inspection, you should also listen to the chute closure while attempting to close the chute door. What you are listening for is any excessive leaking air or sticking points in the closure which could mean the part is broken and needs replaced.

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Gas and Hydraulic Chute Closure Solutions

10" Hydraulic CloserNot to be confused with a hydraulic closer which looks more like a screen door closer with a clip device on one end and a much smaller hydraulic piston on the other end that measure 10″ inches (cylinder) and retracts your door; This device actually uses liquid in its operation rather than air which is used in a gas closure. This piece of equipment is necessary for smooth operation of the chute door in bottom hinged and side hinged doors. Checking you chute closer periodically ensures good operation of your trash or laundry chute for as long as possible. If the chute closure needs to be replaced, finding and buying a replacement as well as installation is as easy as following the simple instructions. Failure to properly follow instructions may not only damage this and other parts but also void any warranties associated with the parts.

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