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Thief climbs through Garbage Chute to steal $600 worth of tools

We found this hard to believe, but the length some people take to get a few bucks.  This guy in the Bronx literally climbed through a trash chute to steal $600 worth of tools.  The kicker is that he climber through the same chute to get out.  I read the news at the Daily News in New York and I have provided the link below for your reading, where you will find a picture of the thief as well:

Garbage Chute Music

I know the title sounds weird, but I had to share this because it is very fitting.  A song for the garbage chute industry!  Yes, I found it hard to believe, but have a LISTEN.

Now the interesting thing about this song is that it sounds like they are playing the drums on a chute intake.  Clangs and bangs, just like the trash falling down a chute.  Yes it’s that bad when you garbage gets dropped into a chute.  Now there is a rhythm to the garbage being thrown down a chute.  Who would have known?????

Having some fun, and I hope you got a good laugh also.

Here is a direct link to the bank song

How NOT to do it. Tossing Garbage without a Debris Chute.

I was reading this article, and I was shocked that they were tossing garbage from a top floor building without a debris chute.  You can go and read about it at this LINK.

You can also see a video of the garbage tossing on a video.  Place good attention to the cars that are passing by as the trash and debris are being tossed from the top floor.  Towards the end of the video you will see a person on the same side of the sidewalk very close to the trash bin as the trash is falling.   There is a car next to the dumpster also, but the amazing thing is that the side walk with people near by is right there.

Our industry makes every effort to keep it safe for everybody, and it seems that this situation is under a series violation.

visual of building

How to remove a scratch from my chute intake door

We just had a customer send us a photo of his chute intake door that he received from us.  Take a look at the scratch that was on it from the shipment and delivery.  The shipping company can be a little rough with the deliveries, so you ask what is solution to this dilemma?  A “Scotch Brite Pad” can be used to buff the scratch off your laundry or trash chute door.  You can find these handy little pads in most hardware stores or at your local super market.

10” Chute Door Hydraulic Closer

10 Hydraulic CloserProperly maintaining and replacing broken parts for your trash or laundry chute is a simple fact of life. You want your chute to remain in proper working function for as long as possible and there are a few parts that you should check periodically for good working order. If you have a side or bottom hinged chute door, one of these parts should be the 10” chute hydraulic closure. This hydraulic closer is crucial to good chute door operation and is actually an easy part to damage or wear out over time.

Upon examination of the chute door, the 10” chute door hydraulic closer looks very much like the closer on a screen door and works in nearly the same way. You will notice the clip on one end and the piston on the other end. The first thing you should look for is any loose or broken screws on the clip end. You should also examine both the piston and piston cylinder and clean any debris found on either. You should then check both parts for any cracks, dents or anything else that would impede proper motion. Open and close the door a few times to make sure the 10” hydraulic closer is working properly. If anything seems out of order, it may be time to replace the part.

Replacing the broken or worn out part is actually quite easy and should only require a screwdriver. Checking your 10” chute door hydraulic closer periodically ensures good chute door operation and overall life of the chute.

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Night Latch Keeper Kit (FAQ)

Night Latch Keeper - Wilkinson Hopper discharge door. Slam latchWe had a customer ask “Does your laundry hopper discharge chute door latch have a UL listing for use with fire doors?

Good question. Standard parts like this Night Latch Keeper do not have a UL stamp or label individually.  All our parts have been approved to work in conjunction with our Fire rated and UL listed hoppers, and intake doors.  This latch is the same latch that is on our UL listed hopper door.

Standard discharge handle that fits most hoppers including Midland Chutes hoppers

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Wilkinson Chutes Type discharge handle

We invite you to ask your questions, and we promise to share any frequently asked questions on this blog post.