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Rotary Chute Door Closer 180 deg Cast Aluminum Body

Rotary Closer for Linen and Trash Chutes

A rotary closer, or roto closer, is another way to update or repair a closing mechanism for a linen or a trash chute door.  It is designed to work on a side hinged door, and can fit doors with sizes ranging from 15 x 15 to 24 x 24. Most roto closer units are fully reversible, so it does not matter whether the door opens to the left or to the right.

Rotary Closer Kit for side hinged chute doors.

Rotary Chute Door Closer 180 deg Cast Aluminum Body

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It has a hydraulic center cylinder and a pivot arm extending out that doubles back in the center.  A full kit will come with the unit, including the arm and all bolts needed to mount it.  If the currently installed chute does not have one of these types of closers, be sure to check the website you are shopping on for details on finding the right one to fit your brand of chute.

The benefit of a rotary closer is that it is very effective at controlling the speed at which the door closes.  It can handle up to a 35 pound door, but above that, you should look at one of the other types of hydraulic closers that is more heavy duty and can therefore support the weight better.

A roto closer’s compact size makes it ideal for smaller chutes.  High traffic or larger ones should be updated with the heavy duty closers mentioned above.

An automatic closer is a great idea for high-rise residential units in which seniors or the disabled live, because it makes the task of taking out the trash so much simpler.  The resident does not have to worry about trying to close the door once the trash is down the chute, since the roto closer does the work for them.

A roto closer would not be recommended for the bottom door of a chute because of its design, since it would be trying to work against gravity.  It looks and works much like doors in office buildings, but it can be effective at the top of the chute in keeping it closed so no odors, pests, or fires come up the chute to the upper floors.  Stopping a fire in this way buys the local fire department valuable time in getting to the building and putting out the fire in the basement.

Multi-story hotels can benefit from such a closer as well.  The cleaning staff just has to get the sheets and towels over to the door, drop them into the chute for the laundry room below, and then let the door do the rest.  It may not seem like much, but when there are hundreds of rooms to clean, a little time saved each trip can really add up.

Roto closers’ compact designs are also a great addition for a home linen or trash chute.  The rotating arm and upright cylinder design provide convenience and durability, no matter how many times the kids open the door, and the size is aesthetically pleasing for homeowners who want to do such an upgrade.  Instructions come with this kit.