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Create a Safer Environment with a Laundry Chute Fusible Link

Laundry chutes are designed to make it easier to get laundry down to the lower level in a high-rise building.  It is also great for places that house the elderly or disabled, since it can be quite difficult to carry a laundry basket when dealing with arthritis or a wheelchair.  It is also handy in hotels for the cleaning staff to get the laundry down to the washroom without overloading their cart with heavy linens.

Fusible Link 2 1/4″ long by Globe Tech

Fusible Link 2 1/4

This is a laundry chute fusible link replaceable part for Wilkinson Chutes discharge doors and other discharge door manufacturers.  (More Below)

A laundry chute fusible link is attached to the door at the bottom of a laundry chute to act as part of the fire safety system. During normal use, they are part of a chain that keeps the door open. Fusible links are designed to melt when the temperature of the air reaches 165 degrees, thus triggering the door to close and stay closed, so a fire that started in the basement does not spread up the chute to the upper floors. A high-rise fire can be disastrous, so installing a part that runs usually $20 – $30 which can help prevent the fire from spreading is a very wise investment.

Laundry chute fusible links can be used on any door type, including horizontal and vertical solid doors, rolling doors, and hopper discharge doors. A laundry chute fusible link can be used on trash chutes and laundry chutes both.

Rolling discharge doors use a type A laundry chute fusible link.  The link comes with a plated sheet metal screw to attach to the bottom of a rolling door.  This keeps the door open, but when the link melts, the door will roll horizontally closed. Some locations require that trash chute doors remain open so that they can constantly receive trash and not clog, which could pose a health hazard. Look for links that are made of bronze to keep them from corroding in damp areas, as basements can often be. Also, look for ones that carry the Underwriters’ Laboratories, or UL, rating. Underwriters’ Laboratories specialize in certifying products that will provide safe working and living environments.

There are thicker laundry chute fusible links available for doors that have loads in excess of 20 pounds or that are mounted on an angle or vertically instead of horizontally.  A pendant wire in conjunction with a speed nut can be used to help hold the door in place. They can be mounted on doors ranging in size from 18” to 36”.  Doors that are made of steel can be quite heavy, so this may be the way to go, depending on the construction of the chute and the door.

As we have seen, a laundry chute fusible link is a key part of building safety, and something that is easily replaced.  Building maintenance workers can make checking the links a part of their routine inspections or periodic maintenance, and get them replaced when needed so they will be ready to work when needed.  Links should state that they are NFPA, or National Fire Protection Association, compliant to be sure that they will melt properly in case of a fire.  Below are some more varieties of fusible links and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Counter Balance Fusible Link Kit for Hopper discharge

Counter Balance Fusible Link Hopper

This is a Counter Balance Fusible Link & chain kit for a Wilkinson Chutes discharge hopper door for your laundry chute. The purpose of the fusible link and chain is to prevent a fire from escaping up the chute to the higher floors.   Suitable for Wilkinson chutes, Midland Chutes and other manufacturers.  Our fusible links are designed to melt when the ambient temperature reaches 165 degrees in the case of a fire.


Fusible Link Kit with Chain

Fusible Link

$30.00Add to cart

This is a fusible link kit with chain is for discharge doors, and it comes with 2 S hooks, fusible link and a chain.