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ADA Lever handle

ADA Lever Handle or L Latch

The ADA lever handle is mounted on the doors of both laundry and trash chutes that are found in a typical apartment building, hotel, high rise building or dormitory. These handles are usually shaped like the letter L and are made using cast metal, which helps them last longer. The assembling of an ADA lever handle should be compliant with the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice for an accessible handle.

An ADA lever handle, or L handle, includes a V-Spindle and each handle comes with its own key. These keys are designed to fit all standard laundry and trash chutes. L handles can generally be used on either the bottom or side of a laundry or trash chute. Both L handles and T handles fit the same keys, making it easy and convenient to lock the chute when not in use. These light weight handles usually weigh in at approximately one pound.  This specific handle is designed for a standard chute intake door like Midland Chutes.  We also have Wilkinson Chutes ADA L handles, but you must specify the type of handle you need if it is other then a standard handle as displayed in the picture below.

ADA Lever handle

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Most ADA lever handles come with a lifetime warranty so that if they ever stop working, replacement parts can be obtained for free. These handles are made for commercial use and therefore are made to last for a long time. ADA lever handle is a good investment for any building owner that uses laundry or   trash chutes.

ADA lever handles are easy to install and are very reliable as well. With such a constant demand for ADA lever handles, it is always easy to find high quality handles for commercial use and even use in private homes that have either a trash or laundry chute.

ADA Lever Handle is often suitable for handicap situations