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8 Inch Retracted Closer for Trash or Laundry Chute

Trash Chutes and laundry chutes are frequently found in high-rise buildings, and from time to time, they will need to have some maintenance done.  One thing that happens from time to time is the closing mechanisms will need to be replaced either due to wear and tear or damage.  One item you can choose to solve this problem is a retracted shaft closer.  You can buy retracted closers in several sizes, and for several door styles, including side hinged and bottom hinged doors.

8 Inch Retracted Hydraulic Chute Door Closer

8 Inch Retracted Hydraulic Closer

This 8″ Retracted Hydraulic closer is for both Bottom Hinged and  Side Hinged chute intake door. This closer will fit the following size doors 12 x 15, 14 x 17, 15 x 15, 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.



A retracted closer for a side hinged door can fit a variety of sizes of doors as well, ranging from 12” X 15” to 24” X 24”.  The closer itself weighs just about a pound and cylinder is about 1” in diameter.  It can be configured to fit either left or right hinged doors.   The closer comes in a kit and comes with a mounting bracket.  Since it is small and light it will be quick and easy to install. Its size means it stays out of the way of the door operation.

Bottom hinged doors open to allow the laundry or trash to be dropped in over the top of the door, so they are almost totally gravity operated.  An automatic closer is nice so that you do not have to try to close the door when you are done.  Just drop in the trash or laundry, and release the handle, and the hydraulics take over and will close the door.

An 8 inch retracted closer is ideal for smaller doors that will not bear much weight. If the door is larger or will be bearing more weight, look into getting a larger closer like a 10″ closer.  You may also want to consider a larger closer for doors that will be receiving a lot of use, since the gas piston design inside is more heavy duty.  For a home laundry or trash chute, however, an 8” closer is ideal because of its size and weight.  It is also easy to install, with the necessary parts included in the kit.

8” Retracted Closer for Trash or Laundry Chutes are especially used in high-rise buildings. These trash or laundry chutes  are also specialized in recycling waste products/materials. They also offer corollary services like chute cleaning, compactor servicing, and odor control.

8” retracted closers are great inexpensive options for maintenance workers to use when they need to get a vital part of a high-rise building, back in business.  Residents depend on being able to take their trash out on a regular basis.

8” retracted laundry chute closers are also handy for anyone looking to add a chute to their home.  Laundry chutes add a handy feature to multi-story homes and a convenience for large families, so the person in charge of laundry does not have to drag a heavy basket down several flights of stairs.  The chute makes sure the laundry is there when laundry time rolls around.

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