Chute Door Hardware

Chute door hardware comes in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and sizes.   They can be installed on laundry chutes or on trash chutes. They can be used to update an existChute Door Thumb Latching building or complete a newly constructed building.   Chute hardware can also be used to replace damaged, malfunctioning, or missing parts.  Please feel free to use our navigation links above to view all the hardware we have available.

Replacement parts are often universal, so you do not have to worry about the brand of door you have.   The specs on the website will let you know what brand or brands they fit.  Be sure to have your measurements ready when you go searching for parts.01

Buying chute door hardware is a cost-effective way to fix a door instead of replacing the entire door.  This can be valuable when looking for inexpensive ways to stretch a maintenance budget, and in this economy, the longer a dollar can go, the better.

There are many types of chute door parts that can be replaced, including closers, handles, hinges, fusible links, and latches.

Handles come in T and L designs.  L handles are great for trash chutes when your hands are full of the week’s garbage and you need to open the door.  A carefully placed elbow or side of the hand and the door iHydraulic Closer

s open.  A gentle tug and the door is open.  Soon, the items in your hand are down and away.  These door handles can be locked, too, if you need them to lock, and they can be keyed alike to make it easier for building maintenance workers.

Closers make it so much easier to close the door and keep it that way. Hydraulic or gas closers can be installed on either side or bottom hinged doors.  When you are done using the chute, just give the door a nudge and the hydraulic piston will take over and close the do


or for you.

Closers can be installed in the chute door to help make the doors self-closing.  These are fine for use in lightweight  and heavy doors and in areas with traffic.

Hinges are essential to be able to open the door, and over time they wear out, so they do need to be replaced.  Fortunately this is quite easy to do. They can run the full length of the door which will give stability and durability to the operation of the door. 10

Fusible links are important safety features used in conjunction with closing mechanisms on the discharge door.  They are designed to melt at 165 degrees, and when they do, they trigger the

closer on the door so it will close and trap the fire in the basement, keeping it from spreading.

Latches can be placed on the upper doors of trash and laundry chutes to lock them so maintenance and cleaning can be done, or if a bin is full, they can be used to keep anyone else from dropping their items down and overfilling the lower bin.

Chute door hardware is available is used at home, in a multi-story apartment building, or in a hotels, and other locations.

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