10 Gas Spring Ball Stud Extended Chute Door Closer

Chute Door Closer

If you own a trash or laundry chute, you probably do not think very much about maintaining this vital aspect to your home or business. Similar to quite a number of things, many people do not think to check parts on the chute until something stops working. If you own a trash or laundry chute with a bottom hinged door, the one part that may need to be replaced is the chute door closure. Often called a gas spring or a hydraulic piston due to its appearance, this part is vital in proper door operation and besides the door handle itself probably gets the most use. Now let’s take a lo10 Gas Spring Ball Stud Extended Chute Door Closerok at the chute door closure and see if anything is wrong.

Upon inspection, you want to take a look at a few key parts. Since the door will be open when this action is performed, the piston will be in its open state which extends to about 17 inches. Look at the ball socket joint on one end and make sure the socket is not chipped or cracked in any way. If nothing appears wrong, we move on to the main portion of the chute door closer which is the gas piston and piston chamber. The gas piston should be free of debris, cracks or dents which can impede the action. The chamber itself should also be free of any dents or cracks which can cause a loss of power in the closer itself due to leaking air. If everything looks good and the opening and closing action is smooth, everything should be good. If not, it is time to replace the chute door closure.

Replacing the chute door closer is as simple as a few minutes of your time and a few hand tools. Be sure to follow proper instructions as listed with the part or you may void any factory warranties associated with the part. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your trash or laundry chute in good operation and although things do break and wear down with time, checking parts periodically will give you clues to which parts may need replaced before they break.

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