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10 inch retracted hydraulic closer

Ten Inch Retracted Hydraulic Closer for Chute Doors

When you need to upgrade or repair the closing mechanism on your laundry or trash chute door, consider a ten inch retracted hydraulic closer.  They typically are installed on bottom hinged doors, but sometimes can be used on side hinged chute doors as well.  They are often mounted at the bottom frame of the door and the door pin fitting at the top.  This is typical of a Wilkinson Chutes manufactured door.  But there are other manufacturers that use the same 10″ hydraulic closure to mount from the top to the bottom and sometimes from the top of the frame to the side top of the door.

10″ Retracted Hydraulic Closer

Hydraulic Closer

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This ten inch retracted Hydraulic closer is most often used for Bottom Hinged chute doors and sometimes Side Hinged chute intake doors. This closer will fit the following size doors 15 x 18, 18 x 18, 21 x 18, 21 x 21, and 24 x 24.


Their small size is ideal for even narrow spaces, since they are usually only 1” in external diameter.  Hydraulic closers ensure smooth and efficient closing of the door once the linen or garbage are thrown away, and the door is released.

Included in the kit is the closer itself, a 1/8 speed nut and 1/8 x 1″ round head steel rivet, a closure clevis, and a split rivet.  These closers are easy to install by maintenance workers, since all of the necessary parts are included in the kit.  Replacing old, dirty closures with a brand new hydraulic closer can feel like a real upgrade. No longer do residents have to try to close the door after dropping down a bag of garbage, so the exterior of the door stays more sanitary, too. The new closer will be durable as well to ensure the constant opening and closing of the door.

Be sure to check the brand of chute you have, to be sure you get the right closer for your needs. You will also want to get the measurements of the door itself, and know what material it is made of, so you have the right size and capacity, as the closer will fit most of different sizes of doors, but as a rule of thumb, the closer will not fit in the small doors that measure 12×15.

Retracted hydraulic closers can also be used in houses where homeowners want to upgrade and gain the convenience of a laundry or trash chute for an upper floor.  It is easy to install a chute in an existing building, since the space for the chute does not have to be very deep.  A hydraulic closer just adds that final touch of handiness.

For high-rise buildings, chutes can be a necessary component of living on the upper floors.  Sanitation requires regular emptying of trash, and when the chute is down and inoperable, getting the chute back in operation is a priority, and, fortunately, easy to do very often by just replacing the hydraulic closer.

Hydraulic closers have the added benefit of providing health and safety to high-rise residents by keeping out rodents, insects, odors, and fires. No one wants to have critters or smells greet them in a place of business or a home.

Replacing Your Chute Hydraulic Door Parts

Your trash or linen chute has many moving parts, which often take a good deal of abuse and can wear over time. While these parts are made to be very durable, it is important to note that in order to keep your chute in good working order you may want to check those parts periodically. One of the parts you should check during this time is the chute hydraulic as it can easily wear down over time and impede quality operation if broken.

10 Chute Hydraulic Closer

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In order to check the chutes hydraulic, you will need to open the chute door and look inside. The chutes hydraulic is a piston and cylinder assembly measuring roughly 10-11 inches and looks much like the closer on a screen door. First, you want to open and close the door a few times to make sure the piston action is smooth and does not catch in places where the piston may be bent. You also want to check to make sure the screws are intact and that the clip is not bent. On the other end of the trash chutes hydraulic are the brackets and it should not be chipped or broken in any way. If any of these components fails the visual and operation test, it is time to replace the part.  Our hydraulic closers are adjustable, meaning that you can adjust the speed of the door closure.

Replacing the retractable chute hydraulic is quite a simple process and requires little more than a screwdriver, some elbow grease, and a helper to hold a flashlight. While replacing the chute closer, be sure to note any damage to other parts you may see and always follow all instructions to ensure safety and good working operation of your linen or trash chute.


Chute Closure

10" Gas Chute closureWhen performing maintenance on your bottom hinged trash or laundry chute, one of the main things you want to check is the chute closure. You want to make sure that this particular gas closure is free of dents or cracks that could impede proper movement. Often called a gas piston or gas spring, it looks exactly like a piston and should be easy to locate. You should note the following during the inspection: The gas piston, the piston chamber tube, and the ball joints on both ends. The mechanism when opened fully is about 17” and around 10” when closed and the gas piston should open and close completely as the extended function opens and closes your chute door. Aside from a physical inspection, you should also listen to the chute closure while attempting to close the chute door. What you are listening for is any excessive leaking air or sticking points in the closure which could mean the part is broken and needs replaced.

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Gas and Hydraulic Chute Closure Solutions

10" Hydraulic CloserNot to be confused with a hydraulic closer which looks more like a screen door closer with a clip device on one end and a much smaller hydraulic piston on the other end that measure 10″ inches (cylinder) and retracts your door; This device actually uses liquid in its operation rather than air which is used in a gas closure. This piece of equipment is necessary for smooth operation of the chute door in bottom hinged and side hinged doors. Checking you chute closer periodically ensures good operation of your trash or laundry chute for as long as possible. If the chute closure needs to be replaced, finding and buying a replacement as well as installation is as easy as following the simple instructions. Failure to properly follow instructions may not only damage this and other parts but also void any warranties associated with the parts.

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